New Azerbaijan Visa rules and Immigration policy come into force

Baku, Azerbaijan: New Visa rules of Azerbaijan have come into into force from July 15, 2018

New Azerbaijani Migration and Vis Rules legislation has come into force this will help those who were banned to enter Azerbaijan after they were found guilty for violating migration and visa rules.

In past, Visa and Migration Code envisaged a ban of 5 years on foreigners and stateless persons brought to administrative responsibility for violating the migration legislation two or more times over the last three years. Now this 5 year ban is abolished.

According to the amendments to the law, if the grounds that led to the cancellation of the residence permit, residence and work of foreigners and stateless persons have been removed, the restrictions imposed on their entry into the country will be abolished.
According to details, the amendments to Article 21 of the Migration Code, registration at the place of residence will be available for foreigners and stateless persons wishing to stay in Azerbaijan for more than 15 days. To date, this period was limited to 10 days.

According to the amendments, restrictions imposed on the entry of foreigners and stateless persons into the country will be cancelled, provided the reasons for annulling the permit for arrival, residence permit and work permit for them are eliminated.

Azerbaijan is opening up to demands of tourism industry as well as of emerging markets as Baku has become one of the top choices for tourists and travellers.

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