Nawaz Sharif urges Ulema to play role in eliminating extremism

Nawaz Sharif urges Ulema to play role in eliminating extremism

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has called upon Ulema to contribute towards the solidarity of Pakistan by playing their role in eliminating extremism and terrorism, and by promoting tolerance and inter-faith harmony.

Talking to a delegation of country’s leading Ulema and Mashaikh who called on him in Islamabad on Friday, the Prime Minister said that the government inherited many issues like terrorism and power shortfall and asked the Ulema to play their positive role in making Pakistan a progressive country.

The prime minister lauded the role played by Ulema in spreading the message of Islam to the masses and in inculcating Islamic values among them.

Sharif said that the government is committed to providing social and economic justice to the people and has formed a sub-committee of the Cabinet for giving recommendations on reforms.

The premier regretted that certain elements are trying to exploit the name of Islam and Pakistan to create unrest in the country.

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