NATO shows muscle at Russian borders

NATO shows muscle at Russian borders


NATO shows muscle at Russian borders

Kiev, Ukraine: Giving a message to the world that Russia will move to Baltic states after backing rebels in Ukraine, NATO forces showed their muscles just 250 meter away from Russian border when US and British army held parade along with Estonian city of Narva bordering Russia.

Diplomatic circles in Kiev believe that NATO parade at easternmost part of Estonia was a clear signal to Russia that “they are not far away” from Russian territories.

American armoured vehicles and British soldiers parade through Estonian border city of Narva while celebrating Independence Day of Estonia on Wednesday morning.

US Armoured vehicles from Second Cavalry Regiment and British troops were officially taking part in a military parade

The city of Narva sits in the easternmost part of Estonia, bordering Russia having 60,000 residents who are ethnically Russian.

“The Nato-led parade comes as Russian-backed separatists continue to battle Kiev government troops in eastern Ukraine, with fears rising of a separatist assault on the key coastal city of Mariupol, reports Telegraph.

It is pertinent to mentioned that NATO deputy supreme commander for Europe General Adrian Bradshaw said last week that Russia could try to seize territories of Baltic States while British defence secretary Michael Fallon said last week that there was a “real and present danger” to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Lithuania yesterday announced it would restore compulsory military service for young men amid fears of growing Russian aggression.

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