National Saving Certificate Latest Profit Rates 2021

National Saving Certificate profit rates increased by the Finance Ministry. The new rates will come into effect from January 21. Check out the details of the increases below.

National Saving Certificate Profit Increase 2021 Confirmed!



For those who do not know, National Saving Schemes certificates have vital importance for the country’s citizens. These saving schemes enable people to deposit their savings and receive a percentage of profit each month. With the help of it, many retired and senior citizens have been able to live independently. According to the recently issued revised list of profits by the Finance Minister, there is surely great news for national saving account holders. The government has issued a revised national saving certificate profit policy by increasing the profit percentage for different national certificates.

National Saving Certificate Profit Increased

National Saving Certificate Profit Increase 2021 Confirmed!

The increase for different certificates is mentioned below.

Defense Saving Certificate

According to the revised profit rates, the profit on the Defence Saving Certificate is revised as of 2021 to be 9.42% from 8.49%.

Regular Income Certificate

If we talk about the Regular Income Certificate, the revised rates show an increase in the profit from 8.04% to 9%.

Special Savings Certificate

The Special Savings Certificate as of the year 2021 will observe an increase from 7.77% to 7.97%.

Behbood Savings Certificate

For all the Behbood Savings Certificate accounts, the increase as per the revised policy changes the profit percentage from 11.28% to 10.32%.

Pensioners Benefit Accounts

The profit increase is also applicable to the Pensioners Benefit Account holders. According to the revised rates, the profit will increase from 10.32% to 11.28%.

Shuhada Family Welfare Accounts

Just like Pensioners Benefit Accounts, the Shuhada Family Welfare Accounts will also observe the same increase – from 10.32% to 11.28%.

More Updates

Apart from the above-mentioned increases, the notification also states that the profit rate increase will also be observed on the short-term savings certificate. According to the new rates, the profit on the three-month certificate has increased to 6.76%. The profit rate on the six-month saving certificate has increased to 6.82% from 6.80%. Furthermore, the profit rate on a 12-month short-term saving certificate has increased to 6.92% from 6.80%.

The profit rates on the savings accounts, however, remain as before at 5.5%.

Please note that this notification is issued by the Finance Ministry on Thursday. The new rates and percentage changes will come into effect from January 21, 2021.

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