National Roaming in Pakistan Will Solve Internet Connectivity Issues

GeneralNational Roaming in Pakistan Will Solve Internet Connectivity Issues

national roaming in Pakistan

Pakistani cellular companies are continuously working to provide better service to customers. Now, they are working on national roaming in Pakistan. 

Now, national roaming will be available to the users of cellular networks. So, when you go to a place where the network gets distorted, your network roaming will switch from your network to the other network. For example, if you are a jazz user, you can use the Ufone network where jazz is not available.

Roaming is helpful to provide continuous connectivity all around the country. It usually helps when you are traveling. National roaming in Pakistan will eradicate the troubles of connectivity.  No matter at which place you are, you will always be able to connect with each other. It will be helpful because the users could move from one network to the other while they have to pay bill of one network only.


According to a report, the network regulator, PTA, is working with the network companies to initiate national roaming in Pakistan. The companies have to agree on terms and conditions by PTA. The project is almost done. There is a requirement of a few touch-ups, according to the sources. 

Usually, in some remote areas, all of the networks do not work properly. We have to wander around to look for signals. But national roaming in Pakistan will help to get smooth connectivity because it will become easy to switch to other networks without changing your sim card. The problem is more difficult for people who do not have a multi-cellular phone or have to switch SIMs manually. But this initiative will help them a lot. Whatever network you are on, you can easily get services from the other network to avoid choppy connections. 

Where will be National Roaming in Pakistan?

ntional roaming in Pakistan


For now, there is a Bilateral Roaming Service Agreement has occurred between Ufone and SCO. according to this agreement, the company will provide voice and SMS roaming services in AJK and  GB to the Ufone users.  Balochistan also has many connectivity issues, so the project will soon extend to that area. After Balochistan, the roaming service will move to other remote areas. 

Further details about the national roaming in Pakistan will be uploaded on the website for your information. 


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