Nation all-set to cleanse country of Nawaz Sharif like pickpockets, scourge on February 8: PTI

PoliticsNation all-set to cleanse country of Nawaz Sharif like pickpockets, scourge on...
  • PTI Spokesperson says certified criminal a living metaphor of disgrace, deals

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Spokesperson came down hard on the certified criminal Nawaz Sharif for his outbursts and vowed that the nation was all-set to cleanse the country from this fugitive like pickpockets and bane on February 8 general elections.

In a strongly-worded reaction to the speech of the absconder Nawaz, PTI Spokesperson said that this certified criminal’s returning to the country under state patronage was a source of shame for politics and politicians.


However, he blasted that Nawaz was a living metaphor of disrespect, disgrace and compromises in the country’s political history; hence he could do anything for his political mileage.

The PTI Spokesperson went on to say that if this shameless person, devoid of even a sense of self-respect, had an iota of modesty, then he would have preferred to drown instead of doing politics under the shadow of deals and compromises.

He made it clear that the nation did not forget this criminal’s loot and plunder of national wealth on which he erected palaces abroad.

The PTI leader pointed out that whenever this fraudster, lair and incompetent and inept was given the power, he ruined the country’s economy and crushed the poor under back-breaking inflation.

He recalled that the younger brother of this certified criminal brought the economy growing at the rate of 6% below zero during his 16-month-lomg cruel rule, besides opening the floodgate of inflation by soaring it to 45%.

The PTI Spokesperson went on to say that the pirate of Jati Ummra took the revenge from by the people for 2018 elections by jacking up the petroleum products prices to the exorbitant rate of over Rs. 300 per litre to break the back of the unprivileged class in the country.

Similarly, he highlighted that this fugitive’s criminal daughter was busy to target the state and its institutions while 1.2 million skilful and well-qualified professional Pakistanis had left the country during the 16-month-long ruthless rule.

The Spokesperson made it clear that this criminal was equally responsible for compounding the miseries of the poor; hence he would face the public wrath in the forthcoming general elections.

He vowed that the people were desperate to cleanse the Pakistani politics of such crooked person with the power of their votes.

The PTI Spokesperson warned that people of the country were closely watching the country’s situation and they would strongly resist any attempt by the state planners to impose Nawaz like pickpockets and curse through unconstitutional, undemocratic and unethical manner against the will and aspirations of the nation.

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