Naimal And Hamza Ali Abbasi Quarantine Together

What is Naimal & Hamza Ali Abbasi Doing during Self-Isolation?


Coronavirus pandemic has stopped the world by imposing the self-isolation phase on people all over the world as staying at home is the only solution at this time if you want to stay safe & healthy. We know that everyone is dealing their own way to spend these quarantine days as per the declared lockdown following novel coronavirus spread but it is really not an easy deal to spend all the time at home. Like everyone around, our celebrities including Naimal and Hamza Ali Abbasi are also spending this time while staying at home and have been keeping themselves engaged in different activities to make it a productively spent period. 

Naimal Khawar and her husband Hamza Ali Abbasi are having a great time together and there are a lot of interesting activities they have been keeping themselves busy with. Usually Naimal keeps on posting about it on her Instagram account and here is an account of their amazing doings.

Naimal and Hamza Ali Abbasi

Naimal And Hamza Ali Abbasi Share Video on Instagram

Taking to Instagram, Naimal shared a video of her hubby wherein he could be seen making a television table. She wrote, “After a joint effort, we finally managed to build our television table Staying at home can be fun too.”

Moreover, Naimal also shared a video where she could be seen setting up her little cozy corner at her home and captioned it as, “Home is where the heart is and we all have those little corners that make home feel like home! In times like these, our little cozy corners become our happy places.” While sharing her happy place at home she asked her fans, “What does your happy place at home look like? I would love to see it! Share using the following hashtags #AtHome”.

Apart from that, Hamza also took an old picture with Naimal to his Instagram with the words expressing his love for the wife as, “We took this picture almost 2 years ago when I asked my artist friend for a painting & she made me this beautiful calligraphy. I had absolutely no idea that this friend of mine will become my wife and Allah’s most precious gift for me. Thank you, Allah, for making me fall in love with this amazing and beautiful human being and thank you for making her love me back. 7 months have gone by since we got married and I thank Allah for every second I spend with you. I LOVE YOU @naimalkhawarkhan ❤”.

So Naimal & Hamza Ali Abbasi are having a good time at home during these days. Naimal has specifically urged her fans to stay at home to stay safe & healthy so that we can soon get rid of this pandemic. Spend quality time with your family and try out some creative activities to keep the stress away!

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