Muslim wards segregated from Hindu COVID-19 patients in Indian Hospitals

AHMEDABAD, India: The prejudicial and hateful behavior towards Muslims in India at the behest of the Hindutva government is at its peak as now even Coronavirus-infected Muslims have been segregated from Hindu patients at a state-run hospital in Ahmedabad City.


The highly despicable act was witnessed in the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital wherein around 40 Muslim patients of COVID-19 are admitted; however, they have been separated from the Hindu patients, and different wards have been allocated for them.Muslim COVID-19 patients in India - In the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital in India, around 40 Muslim patients of COVID-19 have been separated from the Hindu patients, and different wards have been allocated for them.

It’s though a mandatory exercise across the globe to isolate the COVID-19 patients as the invisible disease transmits from human to human exponentially but segregation of the patients in India depending on their faith is somewhat deserves to be lambasted.

When asked for such discriminatory practice, the Medical Superintendent of the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital Dr Gunvant H Rathod admitted that they just had to follow the instructions from the government.

“It is a decision of the government and you can ask them,” Dr Rathod said as reported by The Indian Express.

The Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed termed the Indian act of segregating Muslim patients in hospitals as “Shameful”.

Senator Mushahid Hussain said that the infectious Coronavirus recognizes no boundaries of religion or the Country but the Hindutva bigotry in Narendra Modi’s India is bent upon imposing the 20th Century South Africa-style apartheid against Muslims.

By now over 11,500 Coronavirus Cases have been detected in India while the death tally has reached nearly 400.

As the COVID-19 Cases are emerging with a brisk pace, the life of Indian Muslims is turning into a nightmare because they are being falsely accused of spreading the virus.

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