Mushaal dedicates Love Poem to Yasin Malik on Kashmir Solidarity Day

KashmirMushaal dedicates Love Poem to Yasin Malik on Kashmir Solidarity Day

Mushaal Hussein Mullick, the wife of Kashmiri jailed leader Mohammad Yasin Malik, has dedicated a Love Poem to Her Husband on the Kashmir Solidarity Day.

An Ode to Yasin (A love Tale)

Awakening from the deep creases of sleep,

Your Love’s a raging river I weep,

I crackle in Love’s flame,

Every Atom of my body ignited when you came,

Evoking peaks and lush fields,

careless caressing’s with endless blessings,

With thee Walking hand in hand gazing enchantingly,

A prison reforms into a tulip garden so magically,

Even Hell becomes Heaven with thee,

Lying on those banks of Nageen draped beneath the chinar trees, 

bloodred lips and long walks on Bund’s lover lanes,

Evoking sparks in kangris in Maisuma’s winter rains,

These blossoming lilies and roses of Kashmiri cheeks,

The restless bustling crowds of Srinagar’s narrow streets,

showering petals, and dry fruits,

A welcome few have seen,

I ask God, why you shared a glimpse of Paradise,

And brought me back to earth here;

Wretched in this parted world,

Exiled from my lover & hurled,

As a restless dervish I weep for thy Unison with my romanticist,

Burning for thy glance of my spiritual alchemist,

I am a malang in disguise,

Hair uncombed, Body shrunken, shivering hands,

growing strands of grey,

tattered clothes, shattered feelings, battered souls,

Yet you can’t see me…

Yet all are blinded….

For I have skilled the art of hide and seek;

Now Embrace me my Love,

And hold me next to your heart,

Take me in your arms I swear,

as my woes are too much to bear!

What blazes and jails stand in our way,

What serpents, what beasts of prey,

No matter how many poisoned cups life serves us,

In this whirlpool of Heaven and Abyss,

Love conquers all!

For I dance in your Love,

Dance, Dance Mushaal,

Your Love has come….

And I will dance in intoxication forever,

As I am the Lal Deed,

so drunken in your eyes Yasin!

Except drunkenness, I have no tale to tell;

Till my heart tears apart and bleeds every drop…. drop by drop…

And the Soul overflows my beats…

For When Love arrives…

All cages break,

All rituals haze,

Love, And Only Love is seen…

Rest all learnings Fade…

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