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MTMIS Punjab

MTMIS Punjab, also known as the Punjab Motor Vehicle Inspection System, is a government program designed to make life easier for drivers and vehicle owners in Punjab, Pakistan. The program was launched in 2016 and has since been implemented in all 36 districts of Punjab.

One of the critical features of MTMIS Punjab is the ability to register and renew vehicle registrations online. This means drivers and vehicle owners no longer have to visit a physical registration office to complete these tasks. Instead, they can log on to the MTMIS Punjab website and complete the registration process from their home.

Another benefit of MTMIS Punjab is checking vehicle information and verifying vehicle registration online. This can be useful for drivers who need to check the status of their vehicle or verify the authenticity of a vehicle registration certificate. It can also help prevent fraudulent vehicle registrations and protect drivers from scamming.

In addition to these features, MTMIS Punjab offers several other services, such as applying for a duplicate vehicle registration certificate, transferring vehicle ownership, and paying traffic fines online. These services can save drivers and vehicle owners a significant amount of time and effort and make it easier for them to comply with traffic laws and regulations.

It isn`t uncommon to hear about fraud happening whenever someone purchases a used car. There is a history of people selling vehicles with fake registration and number plates. Hence, it is necessary to verify a car whenever you purchase it. The MTMIS Punjab verification process has become relatively easy, as it was now available online in Punjab in 2020. Using this, you can quickly check the car’s history and whether it has ever been linked with any criminal record. Here is how you can use Online Vehicle verification in Punjab, also known as MTMIS Lahore.

Let’s discuss how you can online verify the vehicle using this in 2020 and get all the information you want.

Online Vehicle verification in punjab

There are two ways through which you can verify any vehicle online in Punjab:

  • MTMIS Punjab Online Vehicle Checking
  • INCPak Technologies Vehicle Verification Online Smartphone Application

These two websites will give you information about any registered vehicle within Punjab, whether a tractor, car, bike, semi-truck or any other vehicle. Let’s discuss these two one by one:

MTMIS Punjab


The government of Punjab has made it east with an online verification system to check the history of any vehicle. The Punjab Motor Registration Authority provides all the car details through the site. Moreover, the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department will also help in going through the tax history of the vehicle.

How To Use MTMIS Punjab Website

You can check the verification of any vehicle quickly by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the official MTMIS website of excise (Punjab) or click here to open the excise website Punjab.
  • Enter the vehicle number you want to verify the information off
  • This will show you a table containing the details, including Registration Number, Chassis Number, Engine Number, Registration Date, Vehicle Price, Manufacturing Year, Color, and Token Tax Paid for the vehicle
  • Another table with the Owner’s Details, including Owner’s Name, Father’s Name, and the City, will also be shown on the screen. Remember that the owner’s details depend on when the vehicle has been transferred from one name to another. As per that, all the previous owners will also be shown

Contact Punjab Government

If you have any issues regarding MTMIS Punjab, find fraudulent activity by any vehicle owner, or want to complain about the taxes not being paid by a specific vehicle you want to be involved with, you can get in touch with the Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department of the Government of Punjab. Make sure you get in touch with relevant authorities if you find any mischief in the verification, and do not purchase till the government clears the vehicle and deems it safe to buy. The following are all the details.

Address – 2nd Floor, Transport House, 11-Egerton Road, Lahore

Phone – 0800-08786

Fax – (042) 99202946

Email – secyent@punjab.gov.pk

INCPak Technologies Online Vehicle Verification Smartphone App

The Punjab government has also made the vehicle verification process easy and intelligent without any loopholes. However, find any glitches with the information being provided on the website. You can download the INCPak Verification Smartphone App from Google Play Store without charges to verify any vehicle of your choice.

How To Use INCPak Smartphone App

Using the INCPak app is a no-brainer. You can verify your vehicle in Punjab by following this process:

  • Go to the Google Play Store and download the app. It is only available on Android phones for free
  • Register or log in with the relevant details
  • Enter the vehicle number you want to verify
  • Two tables, the same as the MTMIS website, with the vehicle details and the owner details, will be shown to you

Online vehicle verification in Punjab is the easiest thing to do in 2020. If you are making a purchase or intend to, go to the website or the app to verify the vehicle and check its history so that you can protect your money from any fraud.



Those living in cities of Punjab other than Lahore can visit the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department office in their respective city.

Rawalpindi Office

Address: 22-A, Civil Lines, Rawalpindi

Phone Number: 051-9271926

Email: detrwp@punjab.gov.pk

Faisalabad Office

Address: P/819, behind Serena Hotel, near Jinnah Garden, Faisalabad

Phone Number: 041-9200023

Email: detfsd@punjab.gov.pk

Multan Office 

Address: Lodhi Colony Road, MDA Chowk

Phone Number: 061-9200123

Email: detmn@punjab.gov.pk

Sargodha Office

Address: Mela Mandi Road, Sargodha

Phone Number: 048-9230190

Email: detsgh@punjab.gov.pk

D.G. Khan Office

Address: Railway Road, D.G. Khan

Phone Number: 064-9260186

Email: detdgk@punjab.gov.pk

Gujranwala Office

Address: District Courts, Gujranwala

Phone Number: 055-92 00 431

Email: detgw@punjab.gov.pk

Bahawalpur Office 

Address: Near Civil Court, Bahawalpur

Phone Number: 062 – 92 50 173

Email: detbwp@punjab.gov.pk

Sahiwal Office

Address: Fateh Sher Road, Sahiwal

Phone Number: 040-9200198

Email: det.swl@punjab.gov.pk

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