Moulana Nooruddin Agha – Custodian of Better Version of Living in Modern World

Rising TalentMoulana Nooruddin Agha – Custodian of Better Version of Living in Modern...

In today’s world of modernism, people tend to forget the basics. The core values that make them different from others. Those doctrines elevate them towards the best version of lives. All such notions, values, doctrines are directly associated with the fact that people, in general, forget nature’s call. Yes, the call by the supreme deity, Allah. 

Reminders are sacred. Beautiful ones are always acknowledged and validated. However, those who remind in a harsh way are always ignored. Knowing all that is as important as coming to terms with yourself. 


Background of Moulana Nooruddin Agha 

Moulana was born in Quetta. Naturally, his native language is Pushto. And most of his videos on Facebook are in the same language. He is deeply rooted in one of the best mosques of Quetta – Noorani Masjid. 

Moulana Nooruddin Agha
According to motivational speaker and Islamic scholar, Moulana Nooruddin Agha;

“Life must have a purpose. There should be a destiny in your mind. And you should try to achieve that success point. However, it is totally upon the will of God if you will achieve that place which you aim or not. So, I just tried and by the blessings and virtues of Allah, I am living the most peaceful and purposeful life.”

Moulana Nooruddin Agha – Legit Inspiration and Motivational Speaker 

There are many Islamic scholars in the world. Some of them are highlighted and others don’t. Do you know why? It is mainly because of three reasons. First of all, they are polite and don’t take anything too strictly. Secondly, they deal in the best manner. Preaching the simplest core values in a unified and dignified manner is their trait. Last but not least, these people are always busy doing research around the topic. Getting verified and legit news related to the subject matter or topic is extremely commendable.

One of such Islamic scholars, Moulana Nooruddin Agha, is also well aware of the current affairs. It adds value in what he addresses in online lectures and sermons. Furthermore, he gives motivational lectures with the tinge of Islamic perspective. That really helps the mass attain information regarding different areas of life.

Nooruddin’s Preaching & Teaching Methodologies 

Since childhood, he had a different take on preaching methodologies. He had been the follower of calm toned yet super energetic persona. That had been instilled in his motivational lectures too. Besides that, he started a Facebook page on the 5th of August 2019. And his work has been commendable up till now. 

Moulana Nooruddin Agha

In one of the lectures, he looked at the audience and said,  

“I have lived the meaning of life. It was not easy initially but later I discovered that life is so beautiful that you don’t have to do much. All you need is to keep the intention clean. Keeping Allah in mind and heart is the best way of attaining the success point. I would recommend you all to keep the love of Allah as a priority. And then you will achieve all that is even hidden in the deepest of oceans.” 

How to Follow and Keep in Touch with Moulana?

On his Facebook page ( you can watch the best Pushto Islamic lectures, Pushto short speeches, and other Islamic short clips. If you want to watch videos and motivational talks. We would recommend you to follow him on YouTube (

You can also get links to his inspirational short vids via Twitter ( 


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