Motorbikes you can buy under PKR 200,000 in Pakistan

Bikes in PakistanMotorbikes you can buy under PKR 200,000 in Pakistan

The economy of Pakistan is under a lot of external pressure. The repercussions are being inflicted on every level of the nation’s infrastructure. With car prices, fuel prices, and general inflation at an all-time high, owning or operating a motorbike has become impractical for many. Fortunately, some motorbikes under 200K are still available in the market. The recent currency devaluation has also made several bikes unobtainable for most.Motorbikes under 200K

While tagging something ranging between a couple hundred thousand rupees “cheap” seems like a joke, it is the reality we are set out to live in. With that said, the following is a list of motorbikes under 200K:

Motorbikes under 200K

Honda Atlas

Despite numerous price hikes, Atlas Honda remains the only mainstream automaker with bikes cheaper than PKR. 200,000. The list of Honda bikes under the said price is as follows:

ModelsPrice (Rs.)
CD 70128,900
CD 70 Dream137,900
CG 125194,900

United Motors

Other than Honda, only Chinese bike manufacturers can boast the below Rs. 200,000 bike lineup. One such bike maker is United Motors. The list of United Motorbikes that cost less than the said amount is as follows:

ModelsPrice (Rs.)
US 7087,500
US 10092,000
US 70 w/ Alloy Wheels92,500
US 100 w/ Alloy Wheels97,500
US 125133,500

Road Prince

Road Prince has also garnered popularity among bike enthusiasts thanks to the launch of Wego and Robinson 150cc bikes. Although those bikes are expensive, other bikes in Road Prince’s lineup are much cheaper. The list of those bikes is as follows:

ModelsPrice (Rs.)


Like Road Prince, Hi-Speed is another Chinese bike maker in Pakistan with a considerable customer base. Its most popular bike is the Infinity SR 150 due to its Cafe Racer-like styling. Although that bike is not on this list, other Hi-Speed bikes can be had for under Rs. 200,000:

ModelsPrice (Rs.)
SR 7086,800
Alpha 100193,500
SR 125135,000

Super Power

Super Power has an extensive lineup of bikes. However, most of the bikes are variations of a single model. Also, most of its bikes are under the price above tag. The prices are as follows.

ModelsPrice (Rs.)
SP 7095,400-102,400
SP 70 Deluxe115,400
Cheetah 110194,500
SP 125133,000


The list of Unique bikes under Rs. 200,000 is as follows:

ModelsPrice (Rs.)
UD 7095,000
UD 100105,000
UD 125135,000


The list of Metro bikes under Rs. 200,000 is as follows:

ModelsPrice (Rs.)
MR 7090,500-104,500
MR 70 Dabang100,000
MR 100100,000

Tez Raftar

Tez Raftar has only one bike listed for sale on the internet. Its price is as follows:

ModelsPrice (Rs.)
PS 7088,500

Super Star

Super Star also has only one bike listed for sale on the internet. Its price is as follows:

ModelsPrice (Rs.)
SS 7095,000

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