Most Searched Dramas By Pakistanis In 2020 And Why!

EntertainmentMost Searched Dramas By Pakistanis In 2020 And Why!

Pakistanis are fans of watching dramas from around the world, and there is no denying that. We are always on the scour of what’s famous so we can bring that back to our country. I think, if there is one country that has welcomed entertainment from everywhere else in the world, even the arch-rivals India, it is Pakistan. Hence, in the landscape of what was searched the most on Google in 2020, finding dramas and movies was the most important among others as well.

There were seven dramas, not just from Pakistan, but from Turkey this year that made the list of the most searched dramas on Google by Pakistanis in 2020. Let’s take a look at what these names were and the reason for their popularity.

Dirilis: Ertugrul

Most Searched Dramas By Pakistanis In 2020 And Why!

Is that even something I should be telling you? Ertugrul caused a frenzy among the Pakistani audience when it was recommended by Prime Minister Imran Khan to be aired on the national television channel, PTV to honor the Islamic values and the bygone Turkish culture showed in it. As soon as it went air, the drama became the talk of the town mostly for good reasons. While there was a lot of debate on the international dramas being showed and whether they should be, there is one thing everyone was clear on unanimously. And it was that Ertugrul is the best drama produced in recent times.

Dubbed in various languages and broadcasted around the world, this drama grounds Muslims to their history and the struggles that the Ottoman caliphate had to go through. It is exciting, gripping, and is the ultimate thriller you should be watching.

Mere Paas Tum Ho

Most Searched Dramas By Pakistanis In 2020 And Why!

Should I even be explaining why it went viral? Somewhat mediocre on the outside, this drama erupted like a wildfire in the entertainment masses and the public. The controversial story topped with the most orthodox and wild views of the writer made this drama what it is today. It stayed in the news even after it ended.

Mere Paas Tum Ho crossed Game of Thrones in viewership as well and was given a solid rating on IMDB as well. It became the most popular Pakistani drama, the last episode of which was aired in cinemas throughout the country. Goes on to prove how virality can cause even the most mediocre of the stories and the most backward of the plots to gain fame.

Money Heist

Most searched dramas by Pakistanis

Bella Ciao! If two words represent Money Heist, those would be these. This thriller and the drama based on the heist, first in the Royal Mint of Spain, and then Bank of Spain. This story of robbers and thieves banded over love and friendships with a lot of suspense and thrill thrown around has also received virality across the world, and not just in Pakistan.

Completing its four seasons, it isn’t hard to guess why Money Heist was in the top searches this year. With the release of season four right at the peak of the pandemic, it became the most-watched show not just in Pakistan but in countries around the world.

Mirzapur Season 2

Looks like Pakistanis love thievery, robbery, mafia, and goons. This drama, which is the second installment of Mirzapur, is definitely a masterpiece from India. Not just the story, but the plot and the acting by each and every character is mind-blowing. There is a lot of profanity and obscenity as per my liking, to be honest. It takes away the charm from the drama and the story it has.

The second season was released this year with the story much stronger and mind-boggling than the previous year. Just within a matter of months, this name popped in the list of most searched dramas so you can guess how much of an impact this show has on entertainment masses, and rightfully so.


I don’t even know why it made to this of dramas by Pakistanis, honestly. Deewangi is a classic example of how Pakistani men harass others and not only get away with it but are shown as victims. I don’t understand when will the directors and producers stop funding such dramas. They will probably stop when the public stops watching and taking these to the most-watched in the list.

It is just a story of a famous, influential guy from a political background falling in love with a bus hostess and the stereotypical ups and downs that follow their love story.

Mera Dil Mera Dushman

Again, many better dramas could have made the list, but unfortunately, another mediocre story with an oppressive plot was the most searched. Alizeh Shah gets married to a man double her age, Yasir Nawaz while being in love with someone else. Does it ring a bell? Probably yes, because this is the story of every other drama on Pakistan television.

The drama follows the story of a trio and how Alizeh sets out in the quest of finding her love only to return to where she started from. Doesn’t make sense? The drama doesn’t either!

Kurulus: Osman

Most Searched Dramas By Pakistanis In 2020 And Why!

Another popular drama representing Turkish history has emerged on this list of the most googled dramas in Pakistan this year. It also represents the ground history of the Turkish empire and how it evolved from various nationalities and religions that resided in this prime location between Asia and Europe.

I have no idea what the story is about and how it unfolds, so I will reserve my judgment here. But, looks like Pakistan has another Turkish obsession since everyone is falling head over heels in love with the leads.


If there was one drama that everyone had so many expectations with this year, it was Ehd-e-Wafaa. Pakistan’s Army and ISPR’s debut in the world of television, this drama focuses on the lives of soldiers and how their personal lives evolve and affect over time alongside their duties to their homeland.

The drama has its dips, but it is emotional at times and will make you want to cry with the deaths, you witness. Hence, it also made it to the list of the most popular and searched dramas by Pakistanis on Google in 2020.

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