Morocco to facilitate Pakistani businessmen in every possible way: Envoy

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Moroccan Ambassador to Pakistan Mohamed Karmoune has reiterated that the Pakistani businessmen are welcome in Morocco and they will be facilitated in every possible way.

Talking to the Federal Minister for Law and Justice Barrister Dr. Muhammad Farogh Naseem in on Tuesday, the ambassador expressed his desire to take the relations between the two Countries in the fields of trade and economy even further at the next level of cooperation.

Mohamed Karmoune was of the view that since two Countries have a bond of common faith, we can exchange and share our cultural experiences. He said that both Countries can go for joint ventures of different nature similar to the one between Fauji Foundation and OCP, a Moroccan government entity.

Moroccan Ambassador to Pakistan Mohamed Karmoune

Morocco to facilitate Pakistani businessmen in every possible way: Envoy

The federal minister told the ambassador that the Pakistanis have a great sense of affinity with Morocco. He said that the peoples of both Countries have a comfortable relationship with and support for each other.

Farogh Naseem said that Morocco is a beautiful tourist destination and the Pakistani people love Moroccan cuisine and prefer Morocco when it comes to vacations over a number of other countries. He also invited the King and Prime Minister of Morocco to visit Pakistan.

The federal minister for law and justice told the Moroccan ambassador that the Pakistani side would welcome Moroccan investment in architecture, textile, education and culture. He also raised the issue of difficulty in obtaining Moroccan visas, which the Pakistani businessmen and genuine applicants often face.

The Moroccan ambassador assured the federal minister, following the background checks, the visas would be issued to the genuine visa applicants on the very same day.

The ambassador said that Morocco has offered scholarships to Pakistani students. He said that Pakistani students who wish to study in Morocco are also encouraged to learn French.

Talking about his tenure in Pakistan as the Moroccan ambassador, Mohamed Karmoune said that it has been an amazing learning experience.