Moroccan Terrorist arrested in Athens will be handed over to Belgian authorities

Moroccan Terrorist arrested in Athens will be handed over to Belgian today


Monitoring Desk: A Moroccan suspect terrorist who was arrested in Athens will be handed over to Belgian today, reports French media.

According to details, Greek police arrested 8 persons in connection with terrorist attacks in Paris and their links with terrorists networking that was busted by Belgian authorities last week.

Reuters reported that officials had said earlier there was no connection between the detentions of people in Athens with Belgium raids. However it looks Belgian and Greek authorities are sharing information with media for the sake of keeping the issue low-profile unless they reach at the head of the terrorists.

It may be mentioned that Belgian police carried out raids on a suspected jihadist cell in the eastern town of Verviers. Belgian police said the cell was plotting an attack on police officers.

Meanwhile Greek police conducted raids in Athens and now sharing information with Belgian police and believes Greek arrested people had links with Belgian Jihadi networking.

A statement issued by the office of the Belgian federal prosecutor, indicates:

“Analysis of the elements of our investigation gave us enough reasons to ask for the extradition of one of the persons that were arrested yesterday by the Greek authorities”. While police confirmed in Greece that Police had received the official extradition request from Belgium on Sunday.

Greek Police said that the request is for a Moroccan man that Greek police detained since Saturday.

Meanwhile Belgium authorities confirmed that they were looking for other people in Greece and were working with the Greek authorities but top suspect Abdelhamid Abaaoud who is also a Moroccan man is yet to be found out by Greek and Belgian authorities. Abdelhamid was allegedly involved in planning attacks in Belgian.

It is pertinent to mention that Belgium has deployed around 300 troops to protect possible targets, including US and Israeli diplomatic missions and Jewish schools and sites.