Money laundering caused shortage of dollars in Pakistan: PM Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the biggest reason of shortage of dollars in the Country is money laundering which was used by the previous ruling elite.

While addressing the National Assembly in Islamabad on Saturday, the prime minister said that when the ruling elite engages in practice of money laundering, it is not in a strong moral position to stop other people of doing so. He warned that there will be a complete crackdown on money laundering.

The prime minister said that fake accounts were also used for siphoning of money to take it abroad.

Imran Khan said that the devaluation of rupee occurred due to current account deficit of US$ 19.5 billion, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government inherited.

The premier said that remittances of Overseas Pakistanis are increasing through legal channels. He said that all out facilities are being provided to lure the foreign investment into the Country. He said that from next week, new schemes will start launching.

The prime minister said that imports have also been reduced and more work is being done in this regard.

Furthermore, he said that all measures are being taken to protect the poor classes from the burden of inflation and it is passed on to those segments of society only who can afford it.

Imran Khan said that today those people are talking of selection, who were themselves manufactured in the nurseries of dictatorships. He questioned that how those people can talk of corruption, who are themselves tainted with corruption.

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