Moderate Najam Sethi bows down to Anti-Basant pro-religious lobby. No Basant today

Lahore: Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Najam Sethi who is also a popular television anchor at last bows down to Anti-Basant religious lobby and has said that Basant celebrations are not possible this year in Lahore. Pro-religious lobby sitting in bureaucracy is against Basant ad calls it Indian festival and Hindu Festival.

Najam Sethi said in a Twitter message this midnight that he tried hard for allowing Basant celebrations but due to some legal hurdles, he is unable to permit this year.

Earlier, Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister raised hope amongst Basant lovers that he would try to allow celebrations for that very soon.

All were waiting eagerly for Najam Sethi’s final decision and announcement for celebrations of Basant but their hopes have expired now, after his latest message of legal problems on Twitter

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