Mobile Usage – Easier Said Than Done

OpinionMobile Usage - Easier Said Than Done

By Raffey Mehdi

Mobile Usage - Easier Said Than Done
Raffey Mehdi is a Student of O levels.

A teenager’s smartphone is more than just a device for making calls and sending text messages. It is a window to their world, their social life, and their connection to the internet. For many teenagers, their smartphone is a vital part of their day-to-day routine, and its importance cannot be overstated. So, when a teenager’s smartphone is damaged, it can be a devastating experience.

The first feeling that a teenager may experience when their smartphone is damaged is a sense of panic. Their immediate reaction is likely to be one of shock and disbelief. After all, their smartphone is not just a phone, it’s a personal assistant, a camera, a music player, and a source of entertainment. When it is suddenly taken away, they feel lost and helpless. They may wonder how they will stay connected with their friends, how they will access social media, and how they will survive without their favorite apps.

As the reality of the situation sets in, a teenager’s sense of panic may turn into frustration and anger. They may feel angry at themselves for allowing the damage to happen, or angry at whoever or whatever caused the damage. They may lash out at their friends, family members, or anyone who happens to be nearby. This is not uncommon, as a damaged smartphone can be a trigger for a range of negative emotions. Smartphones have altered our minds, we take help from the internet even if the problem simple. This affects our thinking ability and productivity, as we use internet way more frequent for educational purposes then we should. All of the teenagers are into seeking pleasure from the it. Accessing all the explicit content available is so easy nowadays, that even kids have stepped into the dirty quicksand. Leaving both teenagers and kids as addicts of the short-term pleasure. This puts our sexual health, mental health and the hereafter at stake.

The next feeling that a teenager may experience is one of helplessness. They may feel that they are powerless to fix the situation, and that they will never be able to replace their beloved smartphone. This feeling can be particularly intense if they have invested a lot of time and money into their device, and have customized it to suit their needs. They may feel that they have lost a part of themselves, and that they will never be able to replace it.

As time passes, a teenager may start to feel a sense of isolation. They may feel cut off from the world and disconnected from their friends and family. They may feel that they are missing out on important events, or that they are no longer part of the conversation. This feeling of isolation can be particularly intense if their smartphone is their only means of communication, and they do not have access to other devices.

Finally, a teenager may feel a sense of resignation. They may accept that their smartphone is damaged and that they will need to replace it. This can be a difficult decision, as it may involve spending money that they may not have or going without a smartphone for an extended period. However, once they have made the decision to replace their smartphone, they may start to feel a sense of relief. They may start to look forward to the new features and functions that their replacement device will offer, and they may start to see the situation as an opportunity for growth and change.

Humans actual wealth, health has been smartphone’s prey ever since they were offered with the touch screen. Teenagers including me use it at night in the bed, due to which sleeping disorders are found in us. Excessive screen time affects eyesight, neck problems, as when laying down and using phone leaves our neck tilted. Ultimately this leads to neck ailments, one of which is vertigo and it takes a lot of time to cure. I am currently suffering with vertigo as well and it can be horrifying experiencing the spinning sensation.

In conclusion, a teenager’s smartphone is more than just a device. It is a part of their identity, their social life, and their connection to the world. When it is damaged, it can be a traumatic experience, triggering a range of negative emotions. However, with time, a teenager can start to accept the situation and move forward. Ultimately, a damaged smartphone can be an opportunity for growth and change, and it can help a teenager to develop resilience and coping skills that will serve them well in the future.

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