Ministry collects Rs 250 mln as service charges from Hujjaj during Hajj 2015

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony had collected Rs 250 million as service charges from 71,582 Government Scheme Hujjaj during 2015, said official sources.


The ministry had collected Rs 3,500 as service charges from each government scheme Haji during Hajj 2015.

In total, the ministry had collected Rs 19.268 billion from 71,582 Hujjaj during Hajj 2015.

According to breakup, the Ministry had paid Rs 6.7 billion as rent to Saudi owners of 139 buildings hired for Pakistani Hujjaj for their stay in Makkah Mukarramah during the Hajj days.

Accommodation charges also included boarding and lodging charges.

Likewise, Rs 2.3 billion were paid to Suadi agencies as compulsory Hajj dues for providing Zam Zam and other facilities to the Government Scheme Hujjaj.

Rs 1.4 billion had been paid as additional charges, intercity transportation charges, etc to various companies in Saudi Arabia for providing different facilities to the Hujjaj.

Yet other Rs 510.90 million were paid as two way train charges from Mina, Arafat, Muzdalfa and back on the same route during Hajj 2015.

Rs 6.9 billion were paid to various airlines as ticket charges at rate of Rs 98,700 from Northern Region and Rs 89,700 from Southern region; 55,526 pilgrims were picked from North Region and 19,056 from Southern Region from the country.

As many as Rs 20.86 million had been collected as Hajj Mohafiz Fund (HMF) from Government Hajj Scheme Hujjaj at the rate of Rs 400 from each Haji.

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