Miniature exhibition at Nomad Art Gallery to conclude on Thursday

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The group exhibition of miniature paintings by three young artists at Nomad Art Gallery (NAD) will conclude here Thursday.

The exhibition titled `Reading between the lines’, which started on October 13, featured gouache on plaster mold, wasli and dyed paper by showing a great deal of depth, intricacy and maturity, which are essentials of such innovative work.

The young artists, who put their artworks on display, included Sadaf Javaid, Hira Shakir and Osama Bin Shahab, the graduates from the National College of Arts (NCA) in 2015.

Nageen Hyat, founder and director of the gallery, said: “This exquisite exhibition has been a wonderful expression of modern day life and the interconnectedness of its patterns. Their thought processes reflected through the art process are indeed laudable.”

Ms Hayat said the work of the young artists reflected what was significant in their lives. “One is inspired by television while the other has focused on bees. The third artist has explored space and emptiness.”

Sadaf’s stood out as a very artistic and unconventional work of art. Her selection of colours and fineness made this piece of work an absolute treat to look at.

According to the artist, her recent work is inspired by the rapidly growing influence of movie and television on our lives. “For some of us, the obsession with television and movies has reached the point where we are, at times, unable to figure out where the drama ends and real life begins. That is what I wanted to reflect in my work”, she said.

Hira Shakir, used laser cutting to create intricate patterns in either wasli or acrylic sheets. The geometric patterns opened into views of the honeybees which formed an inner layer to the work.

“There are worlds within the world and in the world of humans there is another world which is that of the honeybee. The honeybee is a recurring motif in my work because I love them. I focused on them for my thesis and I am still drawn to them. I spent so much time observing them that I am still compelled to use them in my work,” she stated.

However, Osama Bin Shahab was inspired by the concept of fleeting notions and has a firm belief that art has meaning that should reflect in an artist’s work.

He said: “I think of very simple sentences or ideas and I try to construct a piece of art from there. It is the sense of when one cannot remember the entire story and yet there is an aftertaste of the almost remembered. The more we explore the sensation, the more we are lost in that sense, he added.

Source: APP