Minal Khan’s Jalan Banned By PEMRA For Immoral Content

ARY Digital’s uber-hit drama Jalan has got the brunt of PEMRA, as the authority announced a ban last night.


Lately, PEMRA has been at the tail of drama content. Just a few days ago, the authority banned re-runs of HUM TV’s Pyar Key Sadqay and ARY Digital’s Ishqiya. The notice mentioned claims of complaints that the audience had sent forth about the content. The authority further stated that the content was not in line with the values and standards of Pakistani society, hence such content will not be entertained.

PEMRA’s warning to Jalan

The notice also mentioned that ARY Digital’s highly rated drama ‘Jalan’ has been issued a warning as well. The makers were advised to revise their script and make it appropriate for the Pakistani audience. PEMRA also made an all-out warning to all channels that if their content is found to be against the approved guidelines, it will be banned without any warning.

PEMRA Imposes Ban on Jalan

This notice was issued last week, but it seems that the authority did not notice any changes in the content and went ahead with another notice last night,


As per PEMRA, Minal Khan and Emmad Irfani starrer has been found to be against the societal and religious standards. The notice reiterated the prior warnings that the channel was given, yet no heed was paid. Moreover, it was also revealed that all drama channels were issued a notice regarding this issue on August, 18.

Jalan’s plotline revolves around Nisha (played by Minal Khan) who lures her brother in law Asfar (Emmad Irfani) and starts an illicit affair right under her sister’s nose( Misha: played by Areeba Habib). Social media has been abuzz regarding the problematic storyline since it started airing.  Jalan has been directed by Bandish famed Aabis Raza and is produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr Ali Kazmi’s Big Bang Entertainment. The channel and those related to the project have not made any statement in this regard as yet.

What are your thoughts on PEMRA’s ban?

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