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Technology is overpowering in every field. Someone who is not acquainted with it cannot succeed these days. Especially, the enterprises are making their way to grow using technology. The tech giant, Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft GrowthX Accelerator program in Pakistan. The company is working in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO).

What is Microsoft GrowthX?

Microsoft GrowthX

All the entrepreneurs who want to grow more than the conventional methods of enterprise can facilitate themselves with this program. It will bring innovation and opportunities for growth to the users. This partnership between Microsoft and Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) will instigate a relationship between B2B startup businesses in UAE and Africa with larger corporations. This program is also coming to Pakistan. 

This program will be based on 12 weeks. in this time period, the startup business will learn about the use of technology, mentoring, market access, and challenges that the business will have to face. This is like a training program for startup entrepreneurs before going out in the real world. 

Words from Officials

Microsoft GrowthX

“Startups are now in the driver’s seat to fulfilling their potential through the GrowthX Accelerator. It is exhilarating to facilitate an empowering experience for B2B startups to make the most of the technology, mentoring, and access to the market that this program will provide,” said Roberto Croci, Managing Director, Microsoft for Startups, MEA. “Alongside our partners, we look forward to enabling our first cohort of B2B startups to compete at the highest level, and in hopes of transforming the region into a globally leading hub for technology and entrepreneurship.”

Startup Programs

Microsoft GrowthX

The first 15 cohorts will consist of 15 solutions for several problems that the startup business might face. These include the following.

  • Spitch: B2B and B2C conversational solutions.
  • Gener8: provides the control and enables users to reward with their own data.
  • Poltio: provides interactive connect to allow the top brands from the world to engage and learn for the users. 
  • Getbee: An e-commerce platform that connects with its users more comprehensively.
  • OPLOG: helps the users with supply chain operations including simplifying costs, time, and resources.
  • Fero: shapes the future of digital freight with technology to automate the logistics industry.
  • Urbantz: it is a Saas solution that provides help related to last-mile delivery and logistic operations in industries. 
  • Barakatech: provides services like blockchain solutions, super-app platforms, and next-gen Fintech microservices. 
  • Hi55: helps businesses with payroll solutions and help with cash flow. 
  • Nym card: provides dynamic and secure building blocks for building fast and easy card programs.
  • Artiwise: provides cloud-based analytical solutions based on AI and NLP.
  • B2Brain: provides pre-designed analytical solutions for research and intelligence to improve conversations. 
  • Alpha Sense: allows users to make decisions according to the data provided. 
  • NexDegree: helps brick and mortar businesses in making customer experience and sales. 
  • Udentify: the need for manmade market research will reduce.
Corporations it is working with

Microsoft GowthX is for now working with corporations like Etihad Airways, Unilever, Flow, Akbank, KPMG, and IKEA. the users will work with these companies directly to learn the strategies of the market. it will help the startups to make decisions in their business and face the challenges in the business world. 


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