MG HS Prices Increased – Bookings Officially Reopened For CBU Units

MG HS Prices Increased


MG HS prices increased

After a desperate phase of wait, MG Pakistan has finally reopened the bookings for MG HS. Mane MG buyers were waiting for the arrival of CBU units for quite a while now. The reason behind the delay was shipping issues as well as the global shortage of chips. While this may be true, the bookings for CBU units of MG HS have now started. However, the news of MG HS prices increased may not bring a lot of joy among the local MG buyers. As per the company’s official notification, MG car prices are increased by PKR 300,000 while the booking price is PKR 2,000,000.

MG HS Bookings Start Today

The company shared a post on social media to bring the confusion of local consumers to a full stop. As per the notification, the company is starting the bookings of MG HS from today i.e. 27 May 2021.

MG HS prices increased


Here it is important to mention that any bookings initiated starting from today will observe the new prices of MG HS. The old price of HS was PKR 5,449,000. However, the increase in price has landed a new price tag of PKR 5,749,000.

MG HS bokings reopen today!

If you want to book your MG HS, this is the time to do it. As per the previously observed scenario, early bookings were successful from the consumer’s perspective. Meanwhile, those who were late in the line had to wait for an uncertain period of time. To avoid such a situation, you can book your HS today starting today with PKR 2,000,000.

Reason For Price Increase

The reason behind MG HS prices increase is majorly the import duty hike. While to some, the price hike may be a surprise, others saw it coming due to the prior notices. Here, let’s not forget a few facts about MG Pakistan: The company has been very well-received in Pakistan since the beginning. MG was accused of an under-invoicing scam but was proven “Not Guilty” by FBR after investigation. Moreover, this is the first price hike from the company’s side.

Keeping these facts in view, MG HS is a credible and solid option in the SUV market of Pakistan.

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