Melodramatic Bin Roye or Slapstick Wrong Number ? Movie Review

Bin Roye Review vs Wrong Number Review

Bin Roye Review, Wrong Number Review

Talking about local Cinema in Pakistan often known as Lollywood is an old story now. After few successful  releases of limited number of Films, Pakistani Film industry has been revived but not known as Lollywood anymore. Even Shan, Meera, Reema are not the only ones here anymore but Drama Actors have taken over the industry for past few years and their work is much appreciated now.

Talking about the Movies this year I would say that we have been attracted towards two releases on this Eid. One is Bin Roye and Second is Wrong Number while wrong number is taking the lead at box office and people are comparing both movies with each other. It has also been reported that Bin Roye isnt going houseful like wrong number. The premier of Wrong number was carried out in Lahore while Bin Roye’s premier was carried out in Karachi with all the glitter and gold.

After watching both of the movies, I have concluded that both of them cant be compared as they fall in a different genre. Bin Roye is really melodramatic movie while wrong number is an epic slapstick piece of art.


Coming towards Bin Roye (Cast), I would say that it was more like a Telefilm rather then a cinematical film, however the production quality was great. The script of Bin Roye resembles to majority of typical Bollywood movies where its all about tragedies, romance and drama.403694881The first half of the movie was quite good and slow but the movie is felt to be dragged in second half with sudden “Happily Married After” ending. The dialogues and script is easily predictable in the movies so there was no suspense regarding the leftover script.


On the other hand, Wrong Number (Cast) is a slapstick comedy filled with humor. One cant stop laughing throughout the movie and the dialogues are pretty well written and up to the mark. The script of the movie wasn’t predictable that much but the dialogues were totally unpredictable and funny to such an extent that one could say that “I didnt see that coming”. The production quality of Wrong number is not that great as of Bin Roye but the screen is pretty bright of wrong number.

No doubt, the music of Bin Roye is amazing as compared to Wrong Number but again Melodramatic movie is a big fail if its music isn’t good. I am pretty sure that you would be listening to Bin Roye’s track in any upcoming wedding you are going to attend.

You can decide which movie you wish to watch depending on your choice but you cant compare them at all.