Media Harassment of Indian State Goes Globally as Gulf News Editor is New Victim

Monitoring Desk: Doing impartial and balanced journalism has become almost intolerable and dreadful in India but now extension of this design has been seen as far as Dubai.


Indian-born Muslim Features Editor of Gulf News Mazhar Farooqi has been threatening for dire consequences for reporting facts on Islamophobia among Indians living in gulf.

Mazhar Farooqi is facing harassment over social media for reporting stories about Indian expats posting Islamophobic content on their social media pages.

He is receiving threats like “We Will Kill Your Daughters”.

Mazhar Farooqi said that he had received countless threatening messages and calls from VOIP from unknown people who threatened him to kill his daughters.

Who had been running harassment campaign against Farooqi are followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in social media

While talking to Clarion India, Farooqi said he is feels he is being targeted because he has Muslim name and the people who have attacked him think that he has an agenda against a particular community. Most of the people who got in trouble for the Islamophobic posts in the Gulf countries come from Hindu community and appear to be followers of the rightwing politics.


It may be mentioned that Farooqi is an award-winning journalist born in Lucknow, India. Farooqi said some of them who had been running harassment campaign against him are followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in social media platforms.

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