McDonald’s Open Doors Kitchen Tour

McDonald’s recently launched a unique campaign called “Open Doors”. This bold step will set a new trend in the industry and as a blogger I was invited to go through the process. Having the title of a foodie is fascinating, and inviting me to review this with my critical eye was again a huge step taken by McDonald’s.


Finally, to inspect and know more about the McDonald’s kitchen, I reached McDonald’s and was glad to be welcomed with my favorite coffee. Once briefed with the kitchen etiquettes I was provided with must wears which included apron, head mask, and mouth mask.

During the trip, we were informed about 11 methods that McDonald’s follows to make sure that the best meal is served to its customers. We started the tour with their storeroom, which was huge, spacious and well-organized. I saw that the heavier foods are placed in the lower racks and the lighter packaging is placed in the higher racks. They also leave gaps between the shelves and wall to allow air flow.

Next, we moved on to the chiller and freezer section where all the meat patties, fries and other dairy products are kept. Remarkable precautions are followed to maintain the quality of the items saved in the freezers. Grills and fryers are consistently cleaned to make sure that the famous McDonald’s fries and apple pie are served with the perfect golden shade.

To ensure the food served is hot and fresh, food is prepared only when you order it. Orders are then transmitted from the front counter through the computer system, and flashed on the screen for the kitchen crew for preparing the food.

The frying area is kept separate from the assembling area of the burgers. We were pleased to find out that the kitchen was very clean and spacious! I used to think the kitchen might be too crowded but to my surprise, I realized that it was actually lean and mean for the kitchen crew as much automation has been deployed in the kitchen.

The surfaces are regularly mopped to ensure that the kitchen is spic and span. An alert is set to remind the team to clean their hands every hour. Different shaded safety gloves are used to handle different kinds of foods and vegetables. In the same way, separate colored utensils are used for managing different kinds of foods.

I am glad to learn about McDonald’s process and feel quite assured about my family and friends’ health now. Before writing this piece for the paper I have already relayed my experience to my friends and family with much excitement and wished them healthy eating at McDonald’s.

Mati-Ullah is the Online Editor For DND. He is the real man to handle the team around the Country and get news from them and provide to you instantly.

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