May 9 Mutiny: Emerging information suggests relation of PTI’s top social media managers with foreign intelligence agencies

NewsMay 9 Mutiny: Emerging information suggests relation of PTI's top social media...

Islamabad, Pakistan: The recent propaganda waves against Pakistan launched by the Indo-Israel duo have surely helped certain quarters to decipher the situation, assess and examine the depth of the PTI’s propaganda machine and some leads found recently suggest that one of the top PTI Social Media Team members who has been working since 2011 for Imran Khan is deeply connected with foreign intelligence agencies. In the underbelly of political intrigue and covert machinations, a shadowy figure emerges from the depths of dubious connections. As we peel back the layers of his profile, a narrative of manipulation, collusion, and a potential threat to national security unravels.

He (name withheld for legal and security purposes) was found in contact with a top international intelligence agency, raising eyebrows and suspicions about the depths of his affiliations with certain Security Labs and the intersection of his roles within PTI and ties to international intelligence agencies, coupled with his recent interactions, suggests a perilous conflict of interest that demands scrutiny.


Now, people who deal with the security of Pakistan have no doubts left that the orchestrated chaos that unfolded on May 9, 2023, marked by attacks on sensitive military installations wasn’t merely a random act of violence or protest. Beneath the surface, a sinister plot was brewing, fueled by social media campaigns designed to incite civil war. The question that looms large is, who masterminded this meticulous arrangement on social media? All signs point to this PTI social media top personality who possibly holds US citizenship. Connections run deep, and the alliance between him and the foreign intelligence apparatus becomes even more ominous. It is pertinent to mention that pro-Israeli US congressmen stood behind PTI in the past and Israel expressed its grave concern to the United Nations over the arrest of PTI followers who were found involved in the May 9 mutiny.

It is pertinent to mention that Israel’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Adi Farjon, speaking at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), voiced in favor of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and said that “Israel remains deeply concerned about the overall human rights situation in Pakistan where enforced disappearances, torture, crackdowns on peaceful protests, and violence against religious minorities and other marginalized groups remain prevalent… Israel believes that it is essential that Pakistan heed our recommendations to take all appropriate steps to prevent arbitrary arrests, torture, and other ill-treatment and bring perpetrators of such acts to justice. Israel also urges Pakistan to decriminalize same-sex activities in accordance with international human rights standards and to adopt comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation that addresses discrimination, including based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Israel is also concerned that in January 2023 Pakistan’s National Assembly passed a vote to tighten its blasphemy laws which are often used to target and prosecute religious and other minority groups,” the Israeli representative said.”

It may be remembered that Israeli newspapers, websites along with Indian mainstream media had been voicing in favor of PTI and its chairman Imran Khan since a crackdown took place after PTI tried to mutiny in Pakistan. Moreover, it is also claimed by certain circles looking after strategic issues of Pakistan that Israel via a third country is injecting funding for change of the Islamic constitution of Pakistan because this constitution bars Western agendas like same-sex marriage, abusing holy and religious personalities, and protecting Islamic norms in Pakistan. According to a report of the Jewish Funding Directory, foreigners, including American Barry C. Schneps and US-born Indian Indur Dosanjh, had been funding the PTI to lobby in their favor and interests.

Now the investigation of one of the top PTI social media managers that he has direct contacts with international intelligence agencies would help to understand PTI-India-Israel established contacts via the land of opportunity— the United States.

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