May 9 false flag operation was pre-planned to crush PTI: Imran Khan

PoliticsMay 9 false flag operation was pre-planned to crush PTI: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Founding Chairman Imran Khan reiterated that the May 9 false flag operation was pre-planned aimed at crushing and dismantling PTI, as first he was abducted from the premises of Islamabad High Court (IHC) and then thousands of his party’s workers were arrested from all over the country.

PTI Chairman-for-life, who has been unjustly incarcerated in Adiala Jail, in his message to the nation said that PTI is the largest and most popular party of the country, whose political struggle is very bright.


He said that during its 28-year-long political struggle, PTI as a peaceful party has always made its trademark and identity the establishment of supremacy of the constitution, upholding rule of law and promoting justice and fairness in the country.

Imran Khan said that May 9 was a false flag operation on May 9, through which an attempt was made to crush PTI.

“If anyone thinks that they could belie the truth through blind use of force and wasting state resources, then they are definitely and surely suffering from a big misconception,” he added.

“I repeat once again that the nation should be told on whose orders I was abducted from the Islamabad High Court (IHC) by paramilitary armed forces on 9 May 2023,” Imran Khan asked.

PTI Founding Chairman questioned that on whose order CCTV footage was stolen from IHC and on whose orders, innocent civilians, who were peacefully protesting against his violent abduction from the court premises were fired upon.

Imran Khan further asked that the nation should be apprised that on whose orders the families of the victims were intimidated and pressured not to take a legal action against the murder of their loved ones.

He also that it should be made public that on whose order the security of Corps Commander House and Cantt was removed.

“When I look at the events of May 9 in the mirror of history, I see a clear similarity with the events of 1971, as on March 24, 1971, the then ruler Yahya Khan was in Dhaka for negotiations with political parties, but he was not serious about the success of the talks, which was evident from the fact that within 24 hours, on March 25, a full-scale military operation was launched in East Pakistan,” he added.

Similarly, Imran Khan pointed out that on May 9, under a pre-planned false flag operation, first he was abducted from the IHC and then thousands of his party’s workers were detained from all over the country, adding the entire state system was based on lies and fraud.

He said that former Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandial ordered to hold elections on May 14, then he was threatened by sit-ins, protests and long marches, resultantly he referred the matter to the Jirga, adding that it was clearly stated in the Jirga that Nawaz Sharif would not return until Qazi Faiz Isa becomes the Chief Justice.

About polls fraud, Imran Khan stated that Caretaker Prime Minister Kakar had not only exposed the polls robbery but proved their stance right by taunting a member of the ruling party about the reality of Form 47.

Before this, he recalled that the letter of six judges of IHC and the confessional statement of Commissioner Rawalpindi laid the whole truth in front of the nation, adding that all these was done the London Plan to achieve three objectives.

Imran Khan stated that the first objective of the London Plan was to put him in jail, the second goal was to waive the cases of Nawaz Sharif and the third objective of the London Plan was to crush PTI.

He went on to say that the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Chief Election Commissioner were clearly engaged day and night as facilitators in the implementation of the London Plan, adding that under this plan, hundreds of false cases were lodged against him, while all cases against Zardari, Nawaz and their children were ended.

Imran Khan stated that there were so many restrictions on the media, but even then, the mega wheat scandal has come to surface, adding that if media was free in the country, several such scandals would have come to light till now.

About the farmers’ issue, he stated that they stood in solidarity with their farmers, adding that the state did not give anything to them, and even now they were also being deprived of the reward of their hard work.

Imran Khan vowed that with Grace of Allah, all their nefarious plots would be failed and the people would see the reality before their eyes, adding that the people inflicting humiliating drubbing on them on February 8 general elections.

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