Mashable Pakistan has Officially been Launched today

Mashable Pakistan is now officially live. The digital platform is being operated by UrduPoint Network under license from the global digital media company Ziff Davis and its affiliates. Mashable Pakistan joins the brand’s growing line-up of international editions, which includes Australia, Benelux, Middle East, India, UK, Southeast Asia, and Italy.

Mashable is known for its passion for people, culture, entertainment, products, and innovations that shape our connected lives. Mashable Pakistan, aims to continue and future add the local perspective to this opulent online publishing tradition.

Ali Chaudhry, founder, and CEO of UrduPoint/Mashable Pakistan said: “I am really excited and proud to announce that Mashable Pakistan is live now. At Mashable Pakistan, we aim to continue and further add to the rich online publishing tradition associated with this brand and also add our local perspective to it. Through this platform, we aim to share the amazing things our youth are doing with both, the local and international audiences. With the support of UrduPoint’s knowledge and experience of over 20 years in digital publishing in the country, I am hopeful that the young platform is going to pleasant surprise for our audience.”

Mashable’s trademark is to blend honesty, humor, and optimism, resulting in original premium content. Bring this mix to the local industry is going to be a game-changer.

Pakistan is a young country and one of its main sources of optimism is its talented youth and Mashable Pakistan is here to help amplify their voices and help to share their stories with the world, breaking the stereotypes that have for very long defined the country and its people.


Mashable Pakistan can be accessed at