Martyrs of Pakistan and Azerbaijan shall never be forgotten: Ambassador Ali Alizada

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ali Alizada has said that sacrifices of Shuhuda (Martyrs) of Pakistan and Azerbaijan shall never be forgotten by our nations.

While addressing a Seminar on “From Martyrdom to Independence” jointly organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Pakistan and IQRA University in Islamabad on Thursday, Ali Alizada said that both Pakistan and Azerbaijan sacrificed too much for their independence and we pay rich tributes to all martyrs.

Azerbaijan Ambassador Ali Alizada

The ambassador said that the two Countries always stood by each other in their testing times, and they still remain upbeat to foil all heinous designs.

Ali Alizada said that Pakistan rendered thousands of lives in its war against terrorism and Azerbaijan is also facing the same situation due to Armenian hostility. He said that now Armenia is still making the Azerbaijani people victims and atrocities are continuing.

The Azerbaijani envoy said that since last three years, the Azerbaijan Embassy in Islamabad has been observing January 20 to pay tributes to martyrs. He said that January 20 would never be forgotten in the history of Azerbaijan as brave children of the nation gave their lives for independence. He said that they were victims of injustice

The ambassador gave historical details of events and circumstances of the Soviet era that at last ended in the independence of Azerbaijan but freedom was not free and it cost sacrifices of thousands of Azerbaijanis.

Alizada also highlighted the role of the father of free Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev in freedom fighting which eventually helped them gain independence from the former Soviet Union but he added that we are still facing terrorism of Armenia till today.

Ambassadors of various Countries including Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan among others also participated in the Seminar.

In his address, the Convener of Pakistan-Azerbaijan Friendship Group in Senate Senator Talha Mahmood said that struggle for freedom resurrected nations to rise.

Senator Talha Mahmood said that Pakistan and Azerbaijan share common viewpoints at the global level because both believe in peaceful existence without comprising their sovereignty. He said that Azerbaijan can help Pakistan in oil and gas exploration.

The Vice President IQRA University Dr. Mohammad Islam said that martyrdom is part of the history of brave and honourable nations.

The former Special Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ex-Ambassador of Pakistan to Afghanistan, Kuwait and Nepal Syed Abrar Hussain said that 29 anniversary of Baku invasion is being celebrated all over the world today.

Chief Editor Dispatch News Desk (DND) News Agency Agha Iqrar Haroon along with Azerbaijani Ambassador Ali Alizada

Syed Abrar Hussain said that Azerbaijan Republic as an independent state is one of the mouthpieces of Human rights and Muslim Ummah, and it always stands with the Muslim World.

A documentary was also shown in the Seminar about the Soviet Invasion of Baku that explained how Soviet tanks killed the people in the middle of the City.

The ambassadors of various Countries including Russian Ambassador to Pakistan Alexey Yurevish Dedov, Uzbekistan Ambassador to Pakistan Furqat Sidikov, Kazakhstan Ambassador to Pakistan Barlybay Sadykov, and Turkmenistan Ambassador to Pakistan Movlamov Atajan Nurlyevich among others also participated in the event.