Marina Torch Tower Dubai fire: Building melted like wax after fire

Recent PostMarina Torch Tower Dubai fire: Building melted like wax after fire

Fire engulfed Marina Torch Tower Dubai

Dubai, UAE: Marina Torch Tower Dubai fire: Building melted like wax after fire. UAE media claims that it was not a terrorism act.

Fire engulfed Marina Torch Tower Dubai and fire is still not 100% controlled due to windy weather sand Strom. There are no reports about casualties and Dubai authorities are not sharing information with media how this one of the high rise and skyscraper got fire. Tower has 86 floors.

It may be mentioned that massive blaze engulfed the ‘Marina Torch’ skyscraper in Dubai in Marina area that is 80% owned by international companies and known for European population. The fire reportedly started in 50th  floor of the 336-meter-high tower – one of the tallest residential buildings in the world.


Social media reports indicates that fire initially started in the middle of the tower, rapidly spreading across some 15 floors, intensifying and reigniting with each gust of wind, according to photos and videos from the scene. Eye witnesses said building started melting as a wax after fire and its whole facade started coming down like wax drops. “I was sleeping when fire alarms started ringing. I am living in 7th floor. I ran to window to see and Oh My God I could fire reflection of my building top in glass windows of building just opposite of my building. I ran to my door and open it to run out of the building”, said Carolina while talking to media. Authorities have started cleaning up of roads that were full of debris.  

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