Maria B Graveyard Shoot Lands Her in Trouble

Maria B Graveyard Shoot Lands Her in Trouble

Maria B graveyard shoot

Maria B is a popular and most demanded designer in Pakistan. She offers the best designs and high-quality clothes for her customers. Her existence is not limited to being a designer only. She is also active on social media to give her strikingly contradictory opinions on different matters, especially of transgenders. This time, Maria B graveyard shoot has brought her to the limelight for the wrong reasons.

Maria B Graveyard Shoot Controversy

For her recent clothing volume, Maria B did a brand photoshoot in the old graveyard that belonged to the family of ruling Nawabs of Bahawalpur. As soon as the son of the last ruling nawab, Changez Khan saw this video, he immediately posted the screenshot of a model twirling at his grandfather’s grave. He looked quite offended by Maria B’s choice of choosing his ancestor’s graveyard for his brand promotion.

She is very popular on social media for her debates about transgenders and intersex relationships. Maria B promotes Islamization of all walks of life. However, this recent Maria B graveyard shoot has landed her in some serious trouble. She is facing hard backlash for contradicting her own opinions about Islam.

Maria B graveyard shoot

As soon as the Nawab family raised their voice regarding this issue, netizens started a trend of banning Maria B’s products because she did not value ancestral heritage and a graveyard. He said, “The area is our private property and a historic graveyard of my maternal family. The campaign shows a shot of a model twirling on the grave of my grandfather. The newer generation of the Abbasi family, including my aunts and grandfather, is buried there. Yet, Maria B trespassed on our private property without permission. This is both horrible and unethical.” People also showed sympathy towards the family because it would have been too hard for them to watch someone dancing on their ancestor’s graves.

Maria B’s Apology

Maria B graveyard shoot

The Nawab family has decided to take some legal action against Maria B for ridiculing the sanctity of their ancestors’ graves. But as soon as the member of the Abbasi family of Bahawalpur took an action and it outraged the public, Maria B posted an apology on her Instagram account.

She said that she was unaware of the sanctity of that place. Moreover, she also presented the reason for shooting her semi-formal and ready-to-wear ‘Roohi’ collection in the graveyard of Bhawalapur. Through this campaign, she wanted to portray the cultural heritage of Bhawalpur. She apologized immediately and thanked everyone who pointed out this mistake. Additionally, she deleted all the content related to that place to amend her mistake.

Even after doing everything, the flames from netizens are not cooling down. They are accusing her of being a hypocrite because is the one who brings Shariah into all the matters. But they questioned her whether Shariah allows women to visit the graveyards. She has not gotten any response about her apology for Maria B graveyard shoot yet.



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