Man arrested for sexually assaulting gorilla in Zoo

Separated from his wife, a 29-year-old man was arrested in the United States for molesting a gorilla in a Zoo to fulfil his sexual desire, a reflective of what a sexual urge can sometimes prompt even human beings to resort to bestial behavior.

Man arrested for sexually assaulting gorilla in Zoo
Gabon-origin Akimbo Obwe’bwe was reportedly working in the San Diego Zoo as an intern.

The accused named Akimbo Obwe’bwe was taken into custody after he allegedly fed a 15-year-old male gorilla sedatives in a Zoo in San Diego – a City in US Western State of California – in a bid to engage himself in a sexual activity with the sedated animal.

However as he indulged in sexual activity, after a while the sedated gorilla woke up and rushed towards the Zoo Keeper. Noticing the incident, the Zoo Employees held Akimbo Obwe’bwe and handed him over to the police.

Gabon-origin Akimbo Obwe’bwe was reportedly working in the San Diego Zoo as an intern.

The Zoo Administrator Janette Fitzgerald told according to World News Daily Report – a Tel Aviv-based American Jewish Zionist newspaper – that Akimbo Obwe’bwe had recently been separated from his wife after divorce, and he might have resorted to such act in despair.

If proven guilty in the Court, Akimbo Obwe’bwe may face six months improvement as well as receive a fine of $1,000.

The human desire for sexual satisfaction which sometimes leads to child abuse or sexual harassment has always been the talk of the town. Likewise in Pakistan, the issue once again sealed the attention when multiple cases of child abuse were reported recently in Kasur City in Punjab – the most populous Province of Pakistan.

In January 2018, a young man, in his 20s, was apprehended by the police after an eight-year-old girl Zainab was raped and brutally murdered in Kasur. The incident also brought other cases of the same nature in the limelight, and a demand for curbing such heinous crime arose across the Country.

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Commenting on the child abuse and illegal sexual practices driven by sexual desire, the psychologist Amna Bajwa said that imbalance in human behavior can take place anytime and a human is the most dangerous animal on earth if he loses balance between social requirements and his/her physical requirements.


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