Mahira Khan Relationship With Ex-Husband

Many stars of our showbiz are enjoying their successful married lives beautifully. Besides that, there are lots of people whose marriages ended. Even in our showbiz industry, there are many celebrities whose marriages ended sooner or later. They’ve talked to the people and shared the reason behind their divorce. One of them is Mahira Khan. Mahira is a beautiful, talented, and successful actress who has worked in a lot of dramas and films. She is a superstar of our showbiz industry and she has a massive fan following not only in her beloved country but also across the border. She never enjoyed her married life. It was not so reliable and ended soon.  In a recent interview, she shared her failed married life with her fans. Let’s have a look at the details of Mahira Khan relationship with ex-husband and how the superstar is taking it forward after divorce.

Mahira Khan’s Relationship With Her Ex-Husband


Mahira Khan's relationship with her ex-husband

Mahira Khan was firstly married to Ali Askari but they divorced in 2015. At that time they had a son whose name is Azlan. About her contaminated marriage she said in an interview, “The fact that his father and his family and my family, we are Masha Allah on the same page when it comes to Azlan. And even when it comes to me, whenever my interview airs, Azlan’s Dada calls me. I am very close to them even now. I grew up in their house”.

 “It takes work. It takes swallowing your pride at times. It takes trying to understand other people and then for your child’s sake, you do it. If you are lucky that people from both sides are good and are looking at a child’s wellbeing and true happiness then they will work for it” she added. 

Mahira Khan's relationship with her ex-husband

Azlan lives with her mother, Mahira. People want to know about Mahir Khan’s relationship with her ex-husband but she never talked openly about their relationship. All she could say about her ex-husband is the father of her child. She has never shared anything about their personal relationship u they are cordial to each other when it comes to the upbringing of Azlan. So, Azlan never has any lack in his life.

These are all the recent updates about Mahira Khan’s relationship with ex-husband. For more celebrity updates and stories, stay tuned.

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