Long Live Democracy


By Agha Iqrar Haroon

Agha Iqrar Haroon, Development Observer working in Central Asia and eastern Europe regions
Agha Iqrar Haroon, Development Observer working in Central Asia and eastern Europe regions

Those who did not believe in Judiciary now accepted Judiciary (may be) for the time being.

Those who did not believe in form of Democracy that we have in Pakistan accepted democracy (may be) for the time being.

Those who were waiting for Empire to raise his finger understood that Empire is busy in more important issues.

What next?

1- If decision does not come according to wishes — then they will have Right to abuse judiciary again?

2- If they fail to replace government before next elections then will they start abusing Empire?

Stay blessed and watch the most critical and dangerous juncture from where Pakistani politics is crossing through.

Those PTI Walas who were harassing me should now go for vacations for some days. I told IK shall not come out of his Bani Gala unless he gets (got) surety of his protection and he shall not go to Supreme Court— He did not.

I told there are forums including Parliament and Courts to address issues— Now they are in courts and waiting for decision.

I told Empire is busy and now they do understand.

People who spent their energies and time to promote hastag #DemocracyDoesntWork should sleep or go to hibernation for the time being.

Long Live Democracy.

  1. 18th amendment pulled out Pakistan from the politics of 80s and 90s. Where this amendment was passed? —– Parliament. Who is powerful? —–Parliament.

The crises of followers of PTI is that they DO NOT Wish TO KNOW rules of procedures of Pakistani politics, parliament and laws of judiciary and cite rules from Europe and North America. I suggest them Please Read and Follow Laws of land or please go to Europe and North America Or Please come inside the parliament and change rules and laws. No other option can help them.

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Long Live Parliament

I always believe that Imran Khan Sahib can take any Turn any time— U or O and time is testifying what I believe. However, I appreciate that Khan Sahib showed his trust on higher judiciary—- even for the time being.

Long Live Imran Khan

Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif was saying that Supreme Court should take up Panama Leaks issues and dialogue is the only way to move forward. Time testified that he was right.

Long Live Nawaz Sharif


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