Film star Anjuman under investigation in murder case of her husband Mubin Malik

Lahore: Mubeen Malik ex-husband of Lollywood actress Anjuman and a Grade-21 officer (Chairman CBR Housing Society was  killed in Defence Housing area in Lahore when he was going in a car with his daughter. Mubeen Malik and his driver died at hospital. Local police sources claim that deceased Mubeen Malik had differences with his wife Anjuman and police have some leads that can establish link of this murders with Anjuman who could use paid killers to kill her husband although she lived with him in England for quite sometimes.

Police sources claim Anjuman through her second brother was  demanding share for Anjuman in Mubeen Malik’s property as she was the mother of his children but he was not willing to give her right as per the law and sherah.

The injured were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital whereby the driver (Rajab Ali) and Mr. Mubeen Malik, a lawyer by profession, eventually succumbed to their injuries and died. An investigation has already been launched by Lahore Police into the incident though but no arrests were made till the last reports arrived. The hospital authorities however, said that Malik’s daughter Eman Fatima also remains in critical condition.

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