Lok Virsa hall ‘Mai Bhagi’ to be opened

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Lok Virsa is going to inaugurate its newly renovated hall named after the famous legendary Pakistani folk singer “Mai Bhagi” on the eve of International Women’s Day on March 7.

Mai Bhagi was born in the family of singers in Thar, Sindh, one can say Mai Bhagi was destined for a shining future in the musical traditions of Pakistan since the very beginning.

Born as “Bhag Bhari”, Mai Bhagi was discovered in her 30s when she was performing at a wedding in Karachi and went on to perform at national television.

However, she also stayed rooted to Thar and promoted her language and folklore through her voice.

In this regard, Lok Virsa will also hold a concert of an emerging young woman singer “Shamo” who has been following the footsteps of Mai Bhagi’s folk music on March 7.