Locally Assembled Proton Saga in Pakistan is Winning Over CBU Units

Local car assembly in Pakistan does not have the best reputation. One can say it is a standard belief that CKUs will have lesser features or options as compared to the CBUs. Locally assembled vehicles are inferior as compared to their imported counterparts. Last month Al-Haj Automotive, the local partner of Proton, inaugurated the assembly plant to manufacture Proton Saga. As a result, locally assembled Proton Saga in Pakistan is winning over CBU units.

Proton Saga Locally Assembled Units

Al-Haj Automotive/Proton Pakistan recently made an unusual announcement stating that the locally assembled cars will have more features than the CBU units. This is actually the first time any local manufacturer has taken such a step.


Details of the all-new features to be included in the CKD Proton Saga were shared by the company in a recent social media post. Let’s have a look:

Centre Console With Arm Rest

One of the first features of Proton Saga is the center console. not only does it augment the connectivity by having multiple USB ports, it also provides extra storage space. The arm rest above the storage elegantly improves the comfort of drive.

Front Parking Sensors

This feature is only available in the ACE variant. Since the announcement by Al-Haj Automotive, it is now made standard. Front parking sensors enhance the safety of the ride and seamless parking experience.

Front & Rear NVH Guards


Installation of this feature has one key purpose; comfort. The NVH guards in the front as well as the rear, control the internal vibrations and noises of the car making the driving experience of the car extremely comfortable and noiseless making any driver feel like gliding through air.

Strut Bar

The strut bar or the stabilizer bar is a safety feature that the CKD comes with. Strut bar increases the stability of the vehicle, improving traction and reducing body roll. This safety  feature comes in handy on longer routes and highways.

Manufacturing of Proton Saga in Pakistan with such immaculate features has made a serious mark in the local car market. Relevant competitors will have to watch out in order to stay in the game.

Proton Saga in Pakistan


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