Little Leaders School Ajman: Excellence in Early Education

UAEAjmanLittle Leaders School Ajman: Excellence in Early Education

Little Leaders School Ajman: Excellence in Early Education


I. Introduction

II. School Campus and Facilities

III. Strengths and Quality

IV. Admission and Inclusivity

V. School Policy and Guidelines

VI. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

VII. Conclusion


Little Leaders School in Ajman, UAE, established in 2018, is a dedicated institution that nurtures young minds. This purpose-built campus is explicitly designed to cater to the developmental needs of preschool and early years students.

School Campus and Facilities

Little Leaders School Ajman

The campus is remarkable for its safety provisions, aesthetic appeal, and state-of-the-art facilities. Primary responsibility is accorded to the health and safety of its pupils, ensuring a secure learning environment that encourages exploration and creativity.

Strengths and Quality


Little Leaders School Ajman

The school boasts a team of well-qualified, experienced staff who undergo continuous training. Teachers provide quality education and maintain accurate and timely feedback on each child’s developmental milestones. The curriculum is aligned with British EYFS standards, fostering a holistic, child-centered approach to learning.

Little Leaders School, part of the renowned Lazar Group of Schools, fosters a sense of belonging among its students through an all-encompassing learning program. The institution stands out as a beacon of academic excellence, focusing on self-discovery and nurturing talent.

Little Leaders School Ajman

Admission and Inclusivity

The school welcomes students of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and abilities, ensuring a commitment to inclusivity. Admission and assessment procedures are laid out, encouraging a smooth transition for new students.

Applicants are invited for assessment after a streamlined online application process. A non-refundable assessment fee applies, with the school adhering strictly to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Education guidelines.

School Policy and Guidelines

The school’s policies are periodically reviewed and updated to ensure adherence to UAE law and Ministry guidelines, further establishing its commitment to providing quality education.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What curriculum does the school follow?

Little Leaders School follows the Early British Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum.

What is the process for admission?

Applications are accepted throughout the year and must be completed online through the school website.

What documents are required for the admission process?

Documents include a photocopy of birth certificate, passport, visa, Emirates ID card, and immunization records.


Little Leaders School Ajman is a top choice for early education in the UAE. Its rigorous adherence to safety, inclusive environment, quality staff, and nurturing approach promises a fruitful journey of learning and growth for every child.

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