Lipulekh Pass Crises: Why Nepal cares about its land so much?

By Mahabir Paudyal

Mahabir Paudyal

“For Nepal, the land is much more than just a mass of earth and rocks. Land represents our emotion, attachment, sovereignty and identity, ” writes Mahabir Paudya in an article published by Republica Newspaper Kathmandu Nepal.

He says that officially Nepal has always stood for resolving the encroachment issue through bilateral negotiations and diplomatic means. Where do you get a neighbor, whose land has been encroached on and yet who pleads for peaceful and amicable solutions?

The writer indicates that Nepal is in rage and resentment against India after Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, on May 8, inaugurated the road linking Dharchula of India with Lipulekh of Nepal. The road had been built without Nepal’s consent.

Writer asks some pertinent questions including how come the Nepali government is unaware of road construction by India inside its (Nepal’s) territory? Was this happening in collusion between leaders of the two countries? Why have Nepali leaders never taken land encroachment seriously?

The writer believes that the rage is directed toward Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli as much as against India. The resentment bred by the inclusion of Kalapani, Lipuekh, and Limpiadhura (estimated 385 square kilometres in areas) in the official map of India in November last year has been reignited.

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