Life of a Muslim girl in Denmark


By Tusbeeha Kamran Cheema

Tusbiha Kamran Cheema
By Tusbeeha Kamran Cheema

Denmark is a peaceful country and that is the reason many Muslims are moving in here. Many friends and family members ask me from Pakistan that how Muslims are being treated here? My answer is simple that of Danes are wonderful and loving people and we are not facing any isolation due to our religious background.

Muslim women have changed a lot who live here. At least teenagers. They do dating and smoke with their boyfriend/girlfriend against the teaching of Islam. They cheat their parents and lie to them whenever ask where they are going and they say that they are just going out to study etc. They keep their unethical relations secrets from their parents and parents usually do not know what their daughters are doing. I do not feel that they are thinking that Allah knows all about them and they are destroying everything for themselves. Girls wear shorts and blouses that show their bellies. Of course, I do not mind and respect them. I am afraid, none of us are perfect, we just have to do the best we can.

How do Danish people treat Muslims?

I like Danish people and they are always nice to my family. I have fun with them, walk with them, and spend the best of my time with them. Danish people treat us (Muslims) like normal people and do not segregate us on a religious basis.

One day, I tried on a hijab for a day, lots of Danish made a tacky face for me. The government has said that we must not wear the Niqab (veiling the face) because we look like thieves.

I want to wear the hijab after a year or so. I know for a fact that Danes will say that it is strange that I do not show my hair anymore, and that I am trapped in strange life. They always say that Muslims are not free. But Islam is a religion of peace, hope, and strength. But I am thankful for Allah because it’s a nice country with a beautiful view. Islam is a minority religion in Denmark.

Some racist Danes say a lot that we are brown people and our bodies stink and even I face such a situation but fortunately, I have Allah and my friends. But there was a day when a sweet old lady came to me who said to me, “You are you so beautiful” I was really grateful and said in the same way to the sweet lady.

I had always thought that old people are not comfortable with Muslims because in their youth, there were not so many of us and now Muslims are reaching Denmark from the Middle East mostly including those who are fleeing Syria. The Prime Minister does not have much against this migration of Muslims to Denmark. But there is also racism for black people and I heard one day while travelling in train a Danish lady called a black woman “a negro”. There was a big discussion on her comment.

Ramadan in Denmark

Yes, you can fast in Ramzan (Ramadan). It feels like a normal Ramadan anybody can enjoy in Pakistan or any other Muslim country. But Denmark has changed us (Muslims) and I know many Muslims who don’t fast anymore. Maybe because they think that their friends will bully them in college or primary school. Honestly, I don’t care what the Danish people will say when I am performing my religious duties because I am answerable to Allah to people over my religious beliefs.

Despite cultural differences, I believe the majority of Danish people are the sweetest ones and they care about us very much.  One day, my mom was at work, and she was fasting. A Danish female colleague of her said to my mother, “don’t worry I am going to help you and sharing official responsibility if you (my mother) needs help”. And she was so sweet because she worried for her.

What am I thankful for, and what do I like?

I am thankful to live in this country. It’s a pretty country with a good climate. You can get a good education and earn respect in society with hard work as my parents have earned such respect.

No matter what country I live in, I want to be a good Muslim and nobody can stop you to perform your religious duties and live your life according to the teaching of Islam. We all can make a mistake. I’m trying to be a good Muslim, and I only believe in Allah (SWT). And remember you are created by Allah.

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