Lessons Learnt From Ramadan In Lockdown 2021

Ramadan is an auspicious month for all Muslims. They wait for Ramadan throughout the year with complete preparations to gather as many blessings as possible. As Ramadan gives an opportunity to double the rewards on your good deeds, everyone gets ready to run through this reward collecting game. Every good deed brings reward coins to your account. Similarly last year, Ramadan in Lockdown doubled the reward and taught us lessons that we did not think of before.

Lessons to Follow from Last Year’s Lockdown in Ramadan

As the spread of Covid-19 locked everyone in their home, it was a great opportunity to grow spiritually and socially. Ramadan in lockdown was different. There were no get to gathers, no group prayers, and no outdoor Iftar. Along with activities getting limited, lessons got bigger. Here are a few things that almost all Muslims learnt in Ramadan 2021.

Prayer Regulation

Ramadan in lockdown

People who have jobs or students with tough academic routines could not take out time to regulate their prayers. But, being at home resulted in the regulation of prayers five times a day. When people had nothing else to do at home, it brought them closer to Allah. They asked for forgiveness and blessings. Also, people did not worry about rushing back to work while praying which brought sincerity to their prayer.

Tried New Recipes

Lockdown brought innovation to our kitchens. Everyone tried new dishes for their Sehar and Iftar. Like all other activities were restricted, there was no restriction on the kitchens. So, everyone turned to the kitchen to make their Ramadan more flavourful and experimented with dishes by watching recipes on the internet.

Donations Increased

Ramadan in lockdown

Coronavirus caused a drastic effect on the livelihood of people. At that time, people learnt to look after the needy people in their surroundings. To bring equality and spread happiness around them, they opt for donating food, clothes, and money to unprivileged people.

People started ration campaigns to help families cope with the financial problems occurring as an effect of COVID-19. These campaigns made it easy for these people to spend their Ramadan without any problems.

Sharing Is Caring

Get to gathers, and outdoor dining was restricted by the Governments during Ramadan in lockdown. Therefore, the act of sharing increased among the people. Except for donations, people reached out to people around them for sharing happiness. The lockdown period was gloomy and little things sparkled joy in the hearts of people.

Therefore sharing things, especially food became one of the best ways to get along with people. At the time, when iftar parties were not possible, sharing food and things from distance maintained a sense of belongingness. It taught that no matter what the circumstances are, people have to find out ways to stay together.

Online Earning

Ramadan in lockdown

We all can agree on the financial instability during the lockdown in Ramadan. It promoted ways for people to earn online through e-commerce in Pakistan and nourish their skills. Many began selling handicrafts, food, clothes and several other things. This Ramadan brought the feeling that necessity is the mother of invention. Ramadan turned into a blessing to solve their crisis and they learned new ways to cope with the problems.

Duaa Naeem
Duaa Naeem
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