India Deploys Corrupt Politicians Under Apni Party Banner in Occupied Kashmir


NEW DELHI, India: To fill up the political vacuum that was created after arresting political leaders including former Chief Ministers of Jammu and Kashmir (read as Indian Occupied Kashmir), the New Delhi government has launched a new political outfit calling it “Apni Party” (our party).

Led by the former Minister of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Altaf Bukhari, Apni Party (AP) has gathered a number of politicians and former ministers who had either remained involved in financial corruption or in moral corruption and were rejected by the people or thrown out from their former political parties due to their questionable conducts.

An analytical review of names who have gathered under the AP banner, provides an interesting bunch of information as over 15 members of Apni Party had been involved or accused of corruption cases.

Almost all leaders of Apni Party had been facing cases of financial and moral corruptions in Indian Occupied Kashmir

List Of 15 Apni Party Corrupt Members

Head of Party Altaf Bukhari:

The father of Altaf Bukhari was jailed for two years on Hawala and Hundi money from in 1989-1991 when he was involved in 500 crore (Indian) illegal money laundering. Altaf Bukhari himself faced corruption charges in Horticulture Scam worth over 1400 crore (Indian currency) in 2005-2007. The case was related with fake pesticide sale in Jammu and Kashmir (IoK). His right-hand man, Ram Madhav is also involved in several cases and it is believed that Ram Madhav is the frontman of Altaf.

Ghulam Hassan Mir

Ghulam Hassan Mir is the main accused for 2008 Amaranth land row and Forest Land grabbing case in Gulmarg.

Delawar Mir

Delawar Mir was held responsible for fake pesticides companies from 1997-1999, and a charge sheet was framed against him in this case.

Zaffer Iqbal Manhas:

Zaffer Iqbal Manhas face charges of 37 fake and illegally appointments in the Cultural Academy and he faced charge sheet filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Rafi Ahmed Mir:

Rafi Ahmed Mir was accused of grabbing Forest Department land in Pahalgam and this case is still pending along with another case of illegal construction of a hotel in Pahalgam.

Abdul Majeed Padder:

In February 2018, a video became viral in which a girl accused Abdul Majeed Padder of sexually abusing her.

Abdul Majeed Padder was at that time a Member of the Parliament from Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from Noorabad, Kulgam area.

In the video, the girl claimed that Abdul Majeed Paddar was not only abusing girls by offering them jobs rather sold such girls to the people involved in flesh trade in Kulgam district. It may be mentioned that Paddar was a junior minister when allegations against him came on the surface.

Muntazir Mohudeen:

Muntazir Mohudeen was involved in the food supply scandal as a government officer before joining politics.

Dr Saimullah Mir:

Dr Saimullah Mir is still facing charges of hand grabbing and 100 crores Hawala and Hundi transfers. The CBI confirmed that Dr Saimullah Mir used ill-gotten money for constructing a hospital in Sanat Nagar, Srinagar.

Usman Majeed:

Usman Majeed was involved in encroaching public property and then selling the same to people worth 100 Crore (Indian currency).

Ajaz Khan and Mumtaz Khan:

Ajaz Khan and Mumtaz Khan are facing charges of public and Custodian Property (Evacuees) properties and the Forest Land grabbing scam. They have been facing cases since 2002-2014.

Hilal Shah:

Hilal Shah is also accused of grabbing Evacuees properties and selling them to the people without documents.

Shoib Lone:

Shoib Lone is the main character of much-reported Jammu and Kashmir Bank Loan subsidy worth 100 Crore.

Vikram Malhotra:

Vikram Malhotra is facing cases of Forest Land grabbing in Sidhra Forest, Jammu.

Syed Ashgar Ali:

During his tenure as the Director of Rural Development, Syed Ashgar Ali got involved in the embezzlement of funds in crores and 34 illegal appointments. It was reported that he got Rs 100,000 from each person for illegal appointments.

“All corrupt politicians of PDP, NC, JKPM, Congress and other parties have been collected by BJP to form Apni Party which is actually a party of thieves and vagabonds’” commented Ashish Sinha, a political Researcher from New Delhi.

The Congress made similar allegations, with the party’s J&K unit chief G.A. Mir saying it’s an “offshoot of the saffron party”, and that people “fully realize what is going on behind the curtains”.

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