Latest Suzuki Bikes Price in Pakistan – September 2023

Bikes in PakistanLatest Suzuki Bikes Price in Pakistan - September 2023

Suzuki bikes price hike

Pak Suzuki Motors recently changed the price of its motorcycle. They have already increased the price five times. The last price increase happened in August. Now in the month of September, the Suzuki Bikes price hike has happened again. There are several reasons why the prices are increasing every month. In this article, we will discuss those factors and give you a comparison of new fees with the old ones.

Price Comparison

Before discussing the factor for Suzuki Bikes price hike, here is the new price compared to the old ones.

ModelOld PriceNew PriceChange
GS 150 Euro II 150ccPKR 364,000PKR 364,000PKR 0
GR 150PKR 521,000PKR 547,000PKR 26,000
GD 110S Euro IIPKR 335,000PKR 335,000PKR 0
GSX 125PKR 488,000PKR 499,000PKR 10,000

The price of Suzuki GS 150 Euro II 150cc and GD 110S Euro II remained the same. But GSX 125 and  GR 150 prices have recently changed. The old price of Suzuki GSX 125 was PKR 488,000 and the new price is PKR 499,000. The old price of Suzuki GR 110 was PKR 521,000 but the new price is PKR 547,000.

Suzuki bikes price hike

Factors Influencing Suzuki Bikes Price Hike

Pak Suzuki Motors has not told us about any reason for September’s price increase. But we will assume some factors which could be the reason.

Material Cost

The rise in material cost could be one of the reasons for the price hike. The rise in just one thing like steel, raw plastic, or rubber can cause an increase in the overall value of the bike.


Inflation is also the reason for any country which could increase the cost of everything, including bikes.

Weakening Rupee value

The value of the Pakistani Rupee has depreciated a lot against US Dollar in quite a short time. This factor is causing imports to be more expensive. Suzuki Motors imports so many parts from other countries. This is the reason that those parts get more expensive after importing Nd value of the bike increases.

During these times, you can use Suzuki bikes installment plans to buy your favorite bikes.

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