Latest Price of Honda CD 70 in Pakistan

Bikes in PakistanLatest Price of Honda CD 70 in Pakistan

Honda, a name synonymous with durable and economical motorcycles, has been a favourite among the masses in Pakistan for decades. Amidst the fluctuating economy and the ever-evolving automotive market, keeping up with the latest prices is crucial for potential buyers. Here, we delve into the latest price of one of Honda’s famous models, the CD 70, in Pakistan.

Latest Price of Honda CD 70 - October 2023


Latest Price of Honda CD 70 – October 2023

The price of vehicles, especially motorcycles, is a crucial factor affecting purchasing decisions. The Honda CD 70, known for its reliability and fuel efficiency, has had various prices quoted across different platforms. According to a recent update, as of August 5, 2023, the price for the Honda CD 70 2023 model in Pakistan stands at PKR 157,900. This price was confirmed to have been updated on January 31 2023. However, prices may vary slightly among different dealers. The prices were revised in October and here is an attached Official Pricing Document for the Honda CD 70 in Pakistan.

Official price Notification Honda 70

On another platform, the price of the Honda CD 70 was PKR 157,600, matching the price above. Yet, another source mentioned the price of a variant, the Honda CD 70 Dream 2023, to be PKR 124,500. It’s pertinent to note that third-party dealerships and retailers might add a few extra thousand rupees on top of the company’s recommended price.

Variations of Honda CD 70

According to some sources, the Honda CD 70 Dream 2023, a variant of the classic CD 70, has been priced at PKR 168,900; this variant offers a slightly different design, catering to those looking for a fresh aesthetic alongside the trusted performance of Honda.

The price difference between the standard CD 70 and the Dream variant gives buyers options based on their budget and preferences. It’s always advisable to check with multiple dealers for the best price.

In Conclusion

Honda continues to cater to its customer base in Pakistan with its range of motorcycles. The latest price of the Honda CD 70 provides an insight into what potential buyers should expect to pay. Whether you opt for the classic CD 70 or the Dream variant, you’re investing in a motorcycle with a longstanding reputation for reliability and performance in the Pakistani market.

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