Largest Hummer In The World Revealed By Arab Sheikh

Imagine riding a double or triple the size of an ordinary one on the roads. It might seem absurd and impossible to you. But, Arab Sheikh, Shiekh Hamad Bin Hamdan al Nahyan has made this dream come true. He is a passionate car enthusiast who keeps on experimenting with innovating the usual cars. Recently, he has introduced the largest Hummer in the world to ever exist.


Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan has made his way into the Guinness Book Of World Records for his largest collection of four by four vehicles. He owns around 718 models of 4 by 4 cars. Most of these cars are unusual and uniquely customized. His car collection is so vast and unimaginable that you think of doing something strange to the design of an SUV, he might have it already in his collection. This love of cars of him makes him stand as a prominent personality in the world of cars. Many car enthusiasts also love to see his collection.

Dimensions Of Largest Hummer In The World

He has a Sharjah Off-Road History Museum in the UAE in which he stores his collection of all the bizarre cars that you might think of. Recently, he has created the largest Hummer H1 X3. This largest hummer in the world is three times larger and 27 times more in volume than the usual hummer.

Largest Hummer in the World

While talking about the dimensions, this H1 X3 is 21.6 feet (ft) tall, 20 ft wide, and 46 ft long. It can also serve as a residual and recreational vehicle with two floors, stairs, a bathroom, and a guestroom with a 360º view. The inside comprises of 4 engines which powers it and makes it reach a top speed of 32 kilometres per hour.

Largest Hummer in the World Largest Hummer in the World

Other Collection

With these features and functionalities, the car does not serve any driving purpose. It is only a collection of his distinctive cars. Therefore, rather than being on the road, it will stay in his Sharjah Off-Road History Museum in the UAE with all the other cars. Along with Hummer H1 X3, there are many other vehicles in his collection of ‘Frankenstein’s Monsters’. They include:


Largest Hummer in the world

Twin Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler Spider

World’s Largest Willy’s Jeep

largest hummer in the world

Giant Dodge Power Wagon

Horizontally Stretched Suzuki Mehran

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