Lake View Resort, Takht-e-Babri at Kalar Kahar attract tourists

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Tourism Development Corporation Punjab (TDCP) Lake View Resort and Takht-e-Babri at Kallar Kahaar is attracting a large number of domestic tourists which is an ideally located accommodation and picnic spot on the shores of a picturesque Lake.

An official of TDCP told the state-run news agency that the resort is only few minute drive from the Kallar Kahar M-2 Motorway Interchange.

The DTDP official said that Kallar Kahaar is famous for its historical garden, Takht e Babri and free-strolling peacocks.

The official said that TDCP resort provides a beautiful Lake view picnic opportunities and stay facility.

Takht-e-Babri is a tourist destination in Kallar Kahar, Chakwal district in Punjab province. It is located 25 kilometres southwest of Chakwal along the motorway. Takht-e-Babri is a flat stage and throne cut out of stone by the 1st Mughal Emperor King Babur to address his army while coming down from Kabul in the quest of the crown.

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