Lahore Rapid Mass Transit System (LRMTS)

The Lahore Metro or Lahore Rapid Mass Transit System (LRMTS) is going to be inaugurated today on 10 feb 2013 by Chief Minister Punjab Shabaz Sharif around 10 am in the morning. This bus has a capacity of  carrying 250,000–300,000 passengers after construction. Currently the lahore rapid bus will be operational from Gajumata to Ichra according to the sources. This bus is going to facilitate many locals travelling on ferozpur road on daily bases. Here are some of the pictures from different stations of this bus Service.

For those of you who live in Pakistan, the Metro Bus project being completed in Lahore by Shahbaz Sharif is something exemplary as the work for the project has been completed in record time with a beautiful outlook. The project would support a metro bus route from one end of Lahore city to the other within an hour. Each stop would have a bus standing for passengers every 3 minutes, so yea that is a lot of busses and would give employment to a lot of people.
The monumental project will be getting its inaugural ceremony tomorrow by the hands of Mr. Shahbaz Sharif. The busses would be totally automated though without any conductors which is something very new (this was first introduced by Daewoo but they failed). The whole system is something unique and new that has no example in the whole of South Asia.
The project may be great but the whole downside that no one is considering the fact that the money used to make this project could had been utilized to give better health, sanitary and drinking water to people within the Lahore city. Yes, there are people living in Lahore city alone where there is no drinkable water or proper sanitary systems (I’m not even considering the people living in literal caves near Taxilla etc.). All in all congratulations to PML-N for having something completed that they can base their re-election campaign on.

Lahore Metro Bus Service Inauguration On 10 February 2013.

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Metro Bus Service Lahore inauguration 2013

Metro Bus Service Lahore inauguration 2013

Metro Bus Service Lahore inauguration 2013


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