Lahore Metro Bus Route, Ticketing, Timings and More

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Lahore Metro Bus Route

Lahore Metro Bus is a relief project for the people of Lahore that provides transportation facilities to 200,000 people every day. It is a safe and quick bus service in Lahore with a specific Lahore Metro Bus Route. It allows people to travel regularly on these routes at an economical fare. This urban transport system accommodates 66 air-conditioned buses for convenient travelling of the passengers. Lahore Metro Bus Route comprises 28.7km with stations at an approximate distance of 1km. 

Lahore Metro Bus Route Services

This bus system works on an efficient transportation system with automated mechanisms. The service has well-established stations with ticket counters. The passengers can easily purchase tickets from each station. All the buses are scheduled on time so there is no hassle and mismanagement of arrival and departure timings. The buses arrive within an interval of 5-10 minutes. 

Lahore Metro Bus service operates from 6:15 AM to 10:00 PM. For Feeder Routes, the timings are 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Metro Bus Ticket System


Lahore Metro Bus Route

There are two types of ticketing on the Lahore Metro Bus Route that are:

  1. Single ride token: With this ticketing system, you pay for a single token at Rs.30. you can get it from the ticket counter or from Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) from the stations. This system is suitable for people who do not travel regularly. 
  2. Metrobus Cards: The bus service is suitable for many students and office-going people. So, they need to travel frequently. For them, buying a single token every time they travel can be time-taking. Therefore, there are Metrobus Cards for multiple journeys without standing in lines to purchase tickets. You can get it from Ticketing Offices by showing your CNIC or B-form. The card will work until you have a balance on your card. 

Lahore Metro Bus Route Stations

Lahore Metro Bus Route


Lahore Metro has the following 27 bus stations:

  1. Shahdara Terminal
  2. Niazi Chowk
  3. Timber Market
  4. Azadi Chowk
  5. Bhatti Chowk
  6. Katchery
  7. Civil Secretariat
  8. MAO College Orange Line (Lahore Metro)
  9. Janazgah
  10. Qartaba Chowk
  11. Shama
  12. Ichhra
  13. Canal
  14. Qaddafi Stadium
  15. Kalma Chowk
  16. Model Town
  17. Naseerabad
  18. Itefaq Hospital
  19. Qainchi
  20. Ghazi Chowk
  21. Chungi Amar Sidhu
  22. Kamahan
  23. Atari Saroba
  24. Nishtar
  25. Youhanabad
  26. Dulu Khurd
  27. Gajjumata Terminal

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