Lack of pedestrian crossing in Bhara Kahu causing accidents

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Except the recently built pedestrian bridge at Athal Chowk, there is no zebra crossing or pedestrian crossing in Bhara Kahu, soaring the possibility of road accidents.

The Main Murree Road passes through almost 1.5 kilometer-long densely populated area of Bhara Kahu; however, there is not a single place designated for pedestrians to cross the two-way Main Murree Road.

Though the two-way road has been separated with blocks but yet thousands of people cross the road daily via narrow passages in between the erected blocks.

Therefore, accidents have become a routine matter in Bhara Kahu because people are compelled to cross the road having no proper pedestrian crossing.

Even all the way till the settled area ends, no traffic signals have been installed or not even a single speed breaker having been built.

Further worrisome is that there are also a number of schools and academies alongside the Main Murree Road at Bhara Kahu, and therefore students including minors have to cross the road without any safety precautions.

Last year, the National High Authority (NHA) built a pedestrian bridge at Athal Chowk but that is not enough.

Recently, Main Murree Road, passing through Bhara Kahu, was also expanded and a U-turn was made near Athal Chowk which to some extent, mitigated the traffic jam issue.

The people have demanded the concerned authorities to designate places for pedestrian crossings or build two to three more pedestrian bridges, which according to them, have become indispensable to prevent road accidents.